Welcome to iReTron

Trade in your old electronics for cash!

iReTron’s purpose —and promise— is to give each individual a chance to do their part of saving the planet. We all know recycling is the noble thing to do, and iReTron just made this noble act easy and rewarding.

A common question today’s consumers don’t properly address is what to do with their older products once newer, fancier models are purchased. iReTron is the easiest, most rewarding, environmentally friendly, and efficient way to get rid of these old gadgets. Whether you don’t know what to do with your dinosaur phone or your used Android, iReTron is here to help you let go of these electronics responsibly. We’ll even pay you for doing the right thing.

iReTron is a strong believer in re-commerce. Rather than throwing your gadget away or smashing it for parts, why not send it back into the market? One more tablet on the market means one more out of landfills.

We help you go green. Keep Mother Earth green. Put some green in your wallet.

iReTron is here to save our planet– one cell phone, one laptop, one iPod at a time.

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