UberEats Shows How Far Technology Has Come

Besides blogging, I do some work in the entertainment field. The film and television industry is pretty much on hold during the holiday season. It’s no surprise I didn’t save money for this, so I started driving for UberEats. I was dreading it at first, but now am absolutely fascinated by the service, even if I want to pull my hair out at times.

Once you are approved and download the app, it’s pretty simple. You go to the Home screen and move the blue button to “Online.”

Then, it starts. You get a message for a pickup that you can either accept or ignore (you’ll want to accept as much as possible if you want to keep getting work). Then, Uber’s map will lead you to the restaurant. It will also lead you to the address where you have to drop the food off at. At least it’s supposed to. Personally, I prefer using Google Maps, but then it’s a hassle going through an extra step.

I’ve heard a lot of complaints about the map and direction on Uber’s app, but I am still pretty fascinated by it. One has to remember that Google had more than 10 years to perfect maps, while Uber’s GPS is still pretty new. And they get it right more than 90 percent of the time. Yes, I have ended up on the complete wrong street and at a person’s house rather than a restaurant. And, one time, I ended up in a dead-end street and couldn’t go further. But that barely happens. One has to give a lot of credit to Uber’s engineers for how much accuracy they have achieved in such a short period of time. Anybody remember Apple Maps?

Uber allows you to do everything within their app. When you arrive at the restaurant, you can click that the order was accepted or that it is not ready. Sometimes, I have become very angry when waiting more than 15 minutes at a restaurant for the order since it takes away time from other orders and more cash. But, within the app, you can notify Uber about this. I’ve done it three times and they have compensated me all those times. It’s easy for them to verify how long you’ve been at a restaurant since your location becomes stagnant.

Once you pick up the food, there is a direct link to send a message to the person you need to deliver to. I usually use this to let the person know I’m on my way, although they can see this through their app. Both you and the customer can see exactly how close you are to the final delivery. They are notified when you are there. People usually come out to your car, although some give special directions to bring the food inside. This only becomes a problem when there is no parking or if they live in a huge maze-like building on the top floor.

UberEats earnings are updated instantly after each trip.

Through the Earnings section, you can check how much money you’ve made right after your delivery. You can also check how much money you’ve made for the week. If you want to cash out, all you have to do is press a blue button (and pay 50 cents — which is reasonable compared to other services). You can also view your ratings and other details.

“So, what is so great about this that it warrants an article?” one may ask.

Just ten years ago, something like this wasn’t possible. There were GPS systems and Map apps on cellular devices, but data speeds were still way too slow to make anything like this work. If you delivered pizza, Chinese food, or anything else just ten years ago, you understand how far more difficult the process was.

Furthermore, the UberEats program not only makes life easier for consumers, but helps restaurants make more money as well. Furthermore, it gives jobs to many people. In other words, the program really helps strengthen the economy. And while it’s true that nobody is going to become rich by becoming an UberEats driver, it will help them at least keep paying their bills during slow times. I can certainly vouch for that. Now, it’s time to go make another delivery.


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