Two Weeks Later: Microsoft Surface Book Begins To Show Full Promise

Microsoft Surface Book

Two weeks ago, I noted how many bugs the Surface Book had. I was almost going to return it, but then the first update came and at least made Microsoft’s new laptop somewhat usable. Then, another update came and has now made the Surface Book almost perfect.

I wonder how Microsoft can release such an important product with so many bugs. Do they have a poor quality control department? They should have had the first patch released the very first day. The problems weren’t far and few between; everybody had major problems. One just needs to look at some of the posts on the Windows Central Forums to understand the extent of the problems.

The Surface Book is cured of most of its early-launch bugs.

After both major updates, I can’t describe how impressed I am by the battery life. In my tests, with brightness at 80 percent and streaming back to back episodes of Breaking Bad, I have been able to get six hours of full use. That means that most users will be able to go for 10 hours without having to recharge the device. It has an Intel Core i7 processor with a  NVIDIA GPU, but is a laptop you don’t have to worry about carrying the charger with you all day. That’s quite impressive!

At first, detaching the screen from the tablet was quite a chore, especially since it didn’t always work. But after the updates, it’s easy. If I need to take handwritten notes, I just press the detach button, press the eraser on my surface pen, and OneNote automatically launches so I can take notes. And the new Surface Pen is the best yet, although it’s still not quite as good as the Apple Pencil for the iPad Pro. However, I will take the Surface Book over the iPad Pro any day.

The best way to describe the Surface Book is to say that it’s Microsoft’s version of the MacBook Pro. The typing experience, the trackpad experience, and even the silver finish feels very “MacBook Pro.” The one thing I am having a hard time getting used to is the fact that the screen (which is the tablet part) is much heavier than the keyboard. I especially feel this when laying down and trying to type. The screen always nudges (and wobbles) towards me.

Despite some minor quips, it can be said that the Surface Book may be the most innovative device of 2015, a year that doesn’t have a lot of innovation when it comes to laptops. Microsoft almost hit a home run with the first generation of the Surface Book. I expect they will hit a grand slam with the second generation.

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