Thoughts On Upcoming New iPad Pro Announcement

The new iPad Pro will likely look like this.

On Tuesday, the long-awaited iPad Pro will be announced. As Mac Rumors notes, we can expect a device that has very slim bezels (making it easy to accidentally touch the screen) as well as one that operates with Apple’s excellent Face ID rather than a Home button. Expect both iPad Pro models to stay the same size but with increased screen space. In other words, expect another fantastic device from Apple. However, it may not be something that you necessarily need.

Here are some things I’m hoping for in the new iPad Pro:

A Better Laptop Replacement

Yeah, we heard Apple claim that the iPad Pro is a true laptop replacement, but they have been completely wrong. Until Apple merges iOS and MacOS, we won’t get a true laptop replacement, so we can at least hope that we can get a better substitute.

Of course, Apple needs to make a much better keyboard cover for those of us who type blogs for several hours. It needs to include better keys and a trackpad. If Microsoft can do it, so can Apple.

A USB-C Port

Another way Apple can make the iPad Pro more of a laptop substitute is including a USB-C port. This would make the iPad Pro compatible with external displays, external GPUs, and it would produce fast transfer speeds. It is highly rumored that the iPad Pro will indeed include a USB-C port, and we will certainly have our answer on Tuesday. 

A Smaller iPad Pencil

The Apple Pencil is great, but it's too big.

The optional iPad Pencil is one of the best things about the iPad Pro. However, the Pencil is also pretty huge. It would be great if Apple could make a smaller stylus — even as small as the Galaxy Note stylus. If Apple does make a smaller stylus, the new iPad Pro will be a note-taking dream machine.

Better Apps

The iPad Pro is now powerful enough to take on desktop apps. It’s great that Adobe is introducing a full version of Photoshop in 2019, but what about apps like Final Cut Pro X or even Adobe Premiere? What about Adobe Illustrator? What about a browser with full desktop capabilities (although Chrome almost fulfills this)? Some designers don’t want to have to carry two computer devices with them all the time.

iPhone XS-like Sound

The sound on the iPad Pro is already great, but let’s hope Apple provides the same new wide stereo separation they provide on their new iPhones. This will make the iPad Pro even more of a master multimedia consumption device than it already is.

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