The Wave of Wearables

While recently the hype is still on smartphones, there has been a progressive new type of technology surfacing. From the Google Glass to smart watches, wearable technology has been on the rise. It not only minimizes the juxtaposition between technology and fashion, but it allows managing technology to be effortless. One such wearable technology that I believe has to potential to become something successful is the Fin Bluetooth interface ring from RHL Vision.

Fin is a ring comprised from a Bluetooth 4.0 gesture device that connects to third party technology like smartphones, automobiles, TVs, etc. to allow the user to control such devices with only a flick of his/her thumb. The ring assigns each section of the finger a control, whether it is to take a photo or to change the volume. When the user’s thumb touches that section of a finger, the task will be completed. As of right now, customers can pre-order the Fin Smart version starting at $99.

Because the motions could be difficult to detect with an human eye, there may be some security issues, as Fin is not password protected; anyone can use the ring to enter smartphones or unlock cars. But with every new level of technology, the question of privacy and security is always coined. Hopefully, the members of RHL Vision will solve those problems before its release September.

With the progression towards wearable technology, cell phones and other appliances may soon become obsolete, but technology will be more accessible than ever.

By Ninging H.

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