The Microsoft Surface Book Is Beautiful, But Has A Lot Of Bugs

Microsoft's Surface Book is a beautiful, but buggy, device.

I originally purchased the Surface Pro 4 earlier in the week and even though I loved it, I needed something more powerful — something which I can edit 4K videos with and not experience huge delays or even crashes. So, I returned the Pro 4 and got a Surface Book with the i7 processor and discreet NVIDIA GPU.

I heard that there are some bugs. After all, I had experienced screen flickering on the Surface Pro 4 and expected this on the Surface Book as well. But the problems started when I first turned on the Surface Book. The system didn’t set up like it was supposed to. Instead, I was shown the sign-in screen and thought I was doomed since I didn’t have a password — how could I if I hadn’t set up the computer?

Luckily, I looked at the Windows Central forums and found an easy solution. Then, when I finally set everything up, I noticed how inconsistent the trackpad was. Sometimes, when I clicked, it would work. Other times, it wouldn’t. The lower to the left I clicked on the trackpad, the more inconsistent it was. However, when using my Wedge Mouse, things worked perfectly.

The Surface Book has some serious problems with the graphics drivers.

I first tried to write a blog entry with the Windows Edge browser. When I previewed my post, the screen not only flickered when I scrolled, but it turned completely black. The graphics driver issue on the Surface Book is worse than it is on the Surface Pro 4. Luckily, I installed Firefox and the driver issue disappeared. Still, I really like the Edge Browser and it allows scrolling that is far smoother than it is with any other browser.

Microsoft plans to fix the issues with Windows updates. Unfortunately, I am unable to download the first hardware update since it always gets stuck at 82 percent. Other people have experienced the same issue, but they don’t even get to 82 percent. This issue, as well as the others mentioned, are downright frustrating.

Despite these annoying bugs, I’m not ready to get in my car and return the Surface Book — yet. It’s a beautiful device that does many things just right. The 13.5-inch screen is absolutely perfect and I love the 3:2¬†screen dimension¬†– something which should be the norm for a laptop. And even though I don’t plan to use the Surface Book to take handwritten notes or draw pictures on, I’m glad I at least have the option. I just hope Microsoft fixes these bugs soon before I completely lose my patience.

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