The iPad Air 3 Could Be A Hit For Apple

Is the iPad still relevant?

Apple’s iPad business has taken a serious hit these past couple of years thanks to maybe Apple itself. The 5.5-inch iPhone 6 Plus and 6s Plus have huge screens and they take away the need for a lot of people to buy a tablet.

Apple thought they could turn things around with the iPad Pro and even though there are some reports that it sold well, many in the industry believe it has fell way behind Apple’s expectations.  This is because the iPad Pro is priced just as much as a laptop and it doesn’t run a laptop operating system. iOS is a great mobile operating system, but one must stress the word mobile.

The iPad Air 3, which will be available on March 18, isn’t being sold as a laptop replacement and this is what may help it do well in the marketplace, even as interest in tablets has faded. The iPad Air 3 looks like it will be an exceptional tablet with a possible 4K screen, similar speakers to the iPad Pro (which are outstanding), a Smart Connector for adding modules such as the Smart Keyboard, and a digitally pen-enabled screen.

The iPad 3 isn't as powerful as the iPad Pro, but it could turn things around for Apple.

The fact that the iPad Air 3 will have a digital screen for note taking is, perhaps, the most fascinating aspect of the device. It will work with the new Apple Pencil and will probably emulate a notepad or piece of paper better than anything available on the market today. You can take notes on the iPad Pro, but that is a pretty big device, at least in terms of portability. The iPad Air 3 is paper-thin, will have an excellent battery life, and will make the perfect digital notepad.

I love my Surface Pro 4, but it isn’t the type of device I can easily dig out, carry with me everywhere, and write on in a given instant. I love my Galaxy Note 5 and could take instant notes on it. However, the Note 5 isn’t big enough for long note taking sessions such as a college lecture. It sounds like the iPad Air 3 will be a dream come true for college students, doctors, and even people in the IT world.

Those who don’t always use the iPad Air 3 for note taking could take breaks and surf the web, watch movies, or even listen to high quality music on the newly-improved speakers. Those who said they could care less about the iPad Pro might want to check out the iPad Air 3 when it arrives in stores next month.

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