The Days Of Compromised ‘Butterfly’ Keyboards Are Over

The MacBook Pro is desperate for an upgrade.

Trust me, the next MacBook Pro won’t have a Butterfly keyboard. There won’t be much travel to the keys, but there will at least by some. There will be no crunchy clicks. That is so 2017 by now.

For those of you who have been stuck in a coma since 2015, Apple tried to make their notebooks even lighter by compromising their much-loved keyboard. They replaced it with a “Butterfly” keyboard, which has 40 percent smaller keys that are supposedly more accurate. The travel that keyboard warriors are used to is replaced by a crunchy feeling.

There have been problems with Apple’s keyboard since it was introduced in 2015. Many owners complained of small crumbs or dust that would get under the keys and make them inoperable.

As Business Insider explains, Apple has said it is aware there are a “small number” of users having problems with their third-generation butterfly keyboard (as well as previous generations). They have even developed a Keyboard Service Program. In most situations, Apple only needs to replace individual keys. In other cases, they need to replace the entire keyboard.

A lot of people are mocking Apple’s “small number” statement.

“They really tried to downplay the issue by saying ‘small number.’ Most people who have the keyboard seem to have issues. I have a MacBook Air 2018 and the ‘e’ key clicks itself twice sometimes,” says MacRumors forum member Rosegoldoli.

“To show how widespread this problem is, just go to ANY Apple store and try out their laptops with this butterfly keyboard. You’ll find several of them with broken keys,” says Mozumder.

Actually, I’ve gone to the Apple Store in Irvine and Glendale, CA over the past three days. Both stores had at least two MacBook Pro models on display that had defective keys. I’m surprised Apple still keeps their devices with defective keyboards on display. But they won’t have to worry much longer.

If Apple wants to survive in notebook market, the Butterfly keyboard has to go.

The MacBook Pro is expected to be updated this year — possibly by the Christmas season. There are rumors that Apple is releasing a 13-inch and 16-inch version of Apple’s classic notebook. The most important rumor, however, is that Apple will revise the keyboard. This really isn’t a “rumor” as much as it is is given. If Apple doesn’t change the keyboard, they’ll be left in the dust more than they currently are by current PC notebooks.

I would like to see Apple offer OLED screens this time around like Dell and HP are, although Apple’s True-Tone displays are the closest to perfection as LED screens can get. No matter what Apple offers, you can bet that the price tag will be astronomical.


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