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My previous phone was a visual disaster. A once new Samsung Galaxy Reverb from Virgin Mobile, over time this phone with metal chunks missing from the bottom has suffered its fair share of scratches, drops, and other traumatic impacts. This was all preventable, if I had simply invested in a phone case. When I received my current phone, a Nexus 4, as a gift from my parents, I immediately ordered a red Cimo S-Line case, which only cost $7 on My Nexus 4 still looks like it just came out of its box, despite my clumsy friends dropping my phone while trying to play Flappy Birds.

Investing in a phone case is crucial to preserving the lifespan of our technology. Here are my recommendations, all stylish, all protective.

5. iPhone Case from, $35Cases from are designed to give people freedom of expression through art while still protecting their phones. With over 2000 cases to choose from, there is a case available for every iPhone user out there.

4.  Cimo S-Line Back case, for iPhone and Android, $7My current case, this relatively inexpensive protectant truly keeps my phone in new condition. WIth anti-slip sides, my phone never falls out of my hand or out of my pocket.

3. Yousave iPhone Case, $8.50 on

This case doubles as a small wallet. Including a faux leather case, a clear screen protector, and microfibre polishing cloth, this case is perfect for both protecting your phone and for on-the-go trips. When I go to school, I do not need to take my entire wallet and instead could put a little cash, my drivers license, and my school id card conveniently into this phone case.

2. Otterbox Defender Series for Samsung Galaxy, $30 on

This case makes damage virtually impossible with its 3-layer-protection to withstand shock. It also has a built-in screen protector and port covers to keep out dust and debris.

1. EthicStyle Monster case, for Various Phone Models, prices vary

This case wins the award for best phone case. In addition to being eco-friendly, this adorable custom-order wool and felt Monster case envelopes your device and cushions it if you happen to drop your phone. This case is available in 18 different styles and handmade in Germany.

Protecting your phone is crucial for keeping your phone in top condition. Investing in a quality iPhone case for your iPhone 5s, for example, saves hundreds; if you decide to sell your device on iReTron, the difference in money-back between perfect and poor condition is over $200.

By Margaret M.

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