The 2016 MacBook Pro May Be A Bigger Hit Than Expected

I have tried out the new MacBook Pro — the entry level version that costs $1499. Although it’s a great laptop with a beautiful screen, it’s also at least $200 overpriced. I did find that the entry-level Pro offered great performance and offered almost 10 hours of battery life.

The only time the Pro wasn’t efficient for my needs was when I attempted to edit 4K videos in Final Cut Pro. That’s what the $1799 and $1999 versions, which also offer the highly-publicized “Touch Bar” are for. According to Laptop Magazine, the Touch Bar isn’t the gimmick everybody thought it would be.

“The MacBook Pro is supposed to be for serious work, but the new Touch Bar is a lot of fun. Actually, it’s a lot more than that. After spending just 20 minutes with the new 13-inch ($1,799) and 15-inch ($2,399) models, I’ve found it be a real time-saver,” says columnist Mark Spoonauer, adding that the Touch Bar seriously increases productivity depending on which app you are using.

There have been a huge amount of complaints regarding the MacBook Pro, especially that it is overpriced. Besides the prices, many have criticized the new 2016 MacBook Pro devices for not having any regular USB ports, deleting the SD card slot, and the fact that the maximum RAM limit is 16GB, which Apple claims is due to battery life efficiency. But Thomas Grove Carter of the Huffington Post says that spending a week with the MacBook Pro (with Touch Bar) proved to be a very positive experience.

“First off, It’s really fast. I’ve been using the MacBook Pro with the new version of FCP X and cutting 5k ProRes material all week, it’s buttery smooth. No matter what you think the specs say, the fact is the software and hardware are so well integrated it tears strips off ‘superior spec’d’ Windows counterparts in the real world.”

The entry-level version of the 2016 MacBook Pro runs fast, but doesn't have a Touch Bar.

Carver is right about specs. The 2.0 GHz processor on the entry level MacBook Pro feels just as fast as the 2.7 GHz processor on my Dell XPS 13, although the XPS 13, with its Intel i7 processor (Apple’s new Pros have i5 processors), is better for video editing.

In other bad news for Apple’s MacBook Pro critics (and I admit to being one of the biggest at first), sales are apparently very brisk. According to Forbes, in its first five days on sale, Apple’s MacBook Pro has outsold every major Windows-powered laptop in 2016. Once again, it looks like Apple has released a product many claim to hate at first, but end up buying in the end.

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