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HTC Vive Pro, Mixed Reviews, And The Lack Of Hype

I still think the HTC Vive was a groundbreaking device. I bought it, returned it, missed it, and purchased it again as I realized how much I was missing. But as groundbreaking as the device was in 2o16, it was … Continue reading

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My Experience With Windows Mixed Reality Platform And Acer Headset

On Friday, I was able to get a 10 minute test ride with Acer’s new Windows Mixed Reality Headset (retail price is $399) using Microsoft’s new “mixed reality” platform. I put this in quotes because it’s just virtual reality. Microsoft … Continue reading

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HTC Vive To Go Mobile: Will People Care?

I’ve written about the desktop HTC Vive a lot in this blog. It’s the most fascinating product I bought last year, returned it, and decided to repurchase the VIVE cause I couldn’t live without it. I don’t use it as … Continue reading

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