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Will The Google Pixel 2 And Pixel 2 XL Drown In Marketplace?

One year ago, I reviewed the Google Pixel XL and said it was Android at its best. I also wondered if that would be good enough, and it certainly has proven not to be. Instead of becoming the next iPhone, … Continue reading

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Samsung Galaxy Note 8: First Impressions

Samsung still has the fingerprint reader by the camera lenses and flash. But the fact it is is slightly farther away than it is on the S8 really makes a difference. The Live Focus mode that is supposed to blur … Continue reading

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Initial Excitement Over Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Could Die Down Very Soon

Wednesday is a big day for Samsung. After the botched release of the Note 7 in 2016, Samsung is hoping the reputation for the Galaxy Note line can be rekindled. It appears that the Note 8 will look just like … Continue reading

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The Galaxy Note Line Needs A Comeback With Galaxy Note 8

I’m really looking for Samsung to make a comeback with their Galaxy Note line. Last year’s Note release was tragic, of course, mostly for the fact that it blew up in people’s faces. But another part of the tragedy is … Continue reading

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