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New iPad Pro May Be A Shocking Game Changer For One Reason

Most people yawned when Apple announced that they were coming out with an updated version of the iPad Pro. After all, tablet sales have been steadily decreasing over the years for Apple. This is because people have embraced the laptop/tablet … Continue reading

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The Samsung Galaxy Book Is Perfect Note-Taking Device

I have been playing with the Samsung Galaxy Book (Kaby Lake, Intel Core i5, 8GB RAM, 256SSD) and like the device a lot more than some critics do. The Verge thinks Samsung made “one step forward and one step back,” … Continue reading

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First Look At New Microsoft Surface Pro

On Wednesday, Microsoft announced its new¬†Surface Pro 5¬†Surface Pro. Microsoft’s Panos Panay was right when he claimed there was no such thing as the Surface Pro 5, but that’s because Microsoft took the number off. The new device is certainly … Continue reading

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Can The Samsung Galaxy Book Challenge The Surface Pro 4?

The Surface Pro 4, despite its initial shortcomings (battery life, faulty trackpad driver, etc.) has become the ultimate hybrid laptop. It’s so successful that Microsoft doesn’t have to worry about delaying the Surface Pro 5; the Surface Pro 4 is … Continue reading

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