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Updating To iOS 10 Is Very Tempting, But…

I am really tempted to try out the Beta version of iOS 10. It seems to be one of the biggest iOS software upgrades in years. According to Mac Rumors UK, iOS 10 has a new redesign and user experience. … Continue reading

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Apple Hit With Another Class-Action Lawsuit

Apple is the most successful tech company in the world. As we all know, the bigger you are, the more you become a target. Now, Apple is facing a class action lawsuit for allegedly crippling the iPhone 4s with iOS … Continue reading

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Be Careful Before You Upgrade To iOS 9 Beta

This article is not, whatsoever, a knock on Apple or iOS 9. Apple specifically warned users that if they choose to upgrade to iOS 9 Beta, they should back up their whole iPhone. They said that there may be things … Continue reading

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