Microsoft Surface Pro 7 Will Have USB-C Port

The latest Surface Pro doesn't have a USB-C port.

The Surface Pro 6 was released in November of 2018, and it is a great device. Microsoft perfected the already great laptop/hybrid tablet, but one thing was missing — a USB-C port. It wasn’t that big of a deal that the port was missing in 2017, and nobody even cared that it was missing in 2016.

However, as TechRadar notes, it looks like that may change with the upcoming Surface Pro 7, which was discovered in a new patent to have a USB-C port for charging and faster speeds. It’s not known whether the USB-C port is Thunderbolt compatible. The USB-C port on the Surface Go isn’t Thunderbolt, but it’s addition is very helpful. It’s a surprise that Microsoft released this tablet with USB-C but ignored their flagship one.

Microsoft did include a USB-C port with the Surface Go.

That’s not all Microsoft has in store for their next Surface Pro. There are also rumors that the Type Cover will be completely redesigned and have a stronger magnetic connection to the base of the machine. There are also rumors of a redesigned Pen too. I’ve always liked the Surface Pen, but the only device it works perfectly with is the Surface Pro 5 and Surface Pro 6. Unfortunately, it produces “jiggly” writing on other machines.

I don’t want to see Microsoft make the device any larger. However, I would love to see Microsoft reduce the rather large bezel space to make room for a larger screen. I’m not talking about an “infinity” display where there is no bezel. If that happens, people wouldn’t be able to hold the new Surface Pro without accidentally touching the screen.

There is still too much bezel space covering the screen on the Surface Pro.

I also think that although it may weigh more, Microsoft should definitely come up with sturdier keyboard. Perhaps the keys can have slightly more travel as well, though this isn’t absolutely necessary. The materials used in the current Type Covers are great, but they haven’t been changed in years. Perhaps we’ll finally see something different in 2019.

Finally, I would love to see Microsoft offer the Surface Pro 7, Type Cover, and Surface Pen all in the same box. Let’s stop confusing customers, who will likely buy the Type Cover and Surface Pen anyway. HP, Dell, and other companies put all the necessary parts for their computers in one package, and Microsoft should do the same. The Surface Pro is more of a PC device than a tablet, so it should include everything.

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