Sony’s WF-SP700N Sports Earbuds Aren’t A Failure, But Need Some Improvements

Last week, I posted one of the first actual initial impressions review of Sony’s highly anticipated new WF-SP700N wireless sports earbuds. Now that I’ve used them for a week, I can post my full review. They definitely pass the test, but have some annoying faults.


The WF-SP700N earbuds look like miniature nuggets. You may hold them and ask how they could possibly be comfortable in your ears. However, once you put them in, your fears subside. Now, the case that they come in is a different story. It is very thick and feels like an egg that has been flattened a little bit. Don’t get me wrong; the charging case can easily fit into your pocket. However, it creates somewhat of a bulge.


Sony's WF-SP700N wireless earbuds offer the best sound in their class.

Of course, this is the most important aspect of any wireless earbuds. In terms of sound, the WF-SP700N buds offer the most rich sound of any earbuds that I have tested. Sony does offer many equalizer modes, but it’s best to leave this mode off for the most natural sound. And Sony’s default sound is heavy on bass (but not overwhelmingly so), a little heavy on treble, and the medium ranges are slightly recessed. 

You won’t get the same sound you do on Sony’s W1-1000X neckband wireless headphones, but it comes pretty close. It’s a technical wonder how Sony can fit in the sound they do on such small ear nuggets.

Noise Cancellation

It’s also a technical wonder how Sony can fit in any kind of noise cancellation. If you are used to Sony’s other headphones, you may not like the level of noise cancellation the WF-SP700N buds offer. However, it is more than decent. You won’t be buying these buds specifically for noise cancellation, but it is good to have.

Like their other headphones, Sony’s buds have an Ambient mode so you can listen to your music while the background noise around you increases. This is especially useful if you are running outside or even driving. Using this mode on the WF-SP700N definitely makes for a safe driving experience.

Phone Calls

Click here to play Sony's promotional video in YouTube.

The worst thing about last year’s WF-1000X buds is that they were absolutely unusable for making audio calls. The updated buds are capable, but still leave room for improvement.

One problem is that only the left bud works for phone calls. Still, if you are in a somewhat quiet room, others can hear you. If you are walking outside without too much traffic, others can still hear you. But once you are in your car or in a windy environment, your voice will become muffled and teeter in and out.

Battery Life

This is another big issue with the WF-SP700N buds. While the case provides up to three charges, it’s still frustrating to hear “Recharge your headset” when you least expect it. Sony says their new buds can last three hours on a single charge, but I have yet to achieve that. (The most I’ve achieved is two hours and fifty minutes).

And putting the buds back in with their fins leads to a frustrating experience. In order to maintain my sanity, I’ve had to take the fins off when charging — something you shouldn’t have to do.


Sony hasn’t made the ideal wireless earbuds yet, but boy they keep on trying. However, the latest buds are worth the $179 price tag. Despite their faults, the WF-SP700 earbuds offer the best sound (when compared to other earbuds), decent noise cancellation, and fit comfortably in your ears. Chances are that Sony will finally make the perfect earbuds on their next try.

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