Samsung (Almost) Has A Hit With Notebook 9 Pro

Samsung hasn’t made much of a dent in the PC industry, despite their best efforts. However, the new Notebook 9 Pro may change that. Samsung’s latest (and greatest) 15-inch notebook has the latest Intel Core i7 processor,  a Radeon™ 540 graphics card, a 15-inch LED touchscreen display, 16GB of RAM, and a 256 SSD. It sells for the great price (for what you get) of $1299.99.

In person, the notebook looks basic but striking. It has earned some great reviews as well. CNET gives the 9 Pro four stars and says it’s a pro-level laptop without the pro-level price.

“Quirks aside, I’d rate this as an excellent value if you’re looking for a big screen that plays well with a stylus, but don’t want to spend a fortune,” says reviewer Dan Ackerman, who especially praises the fast performance and stylus capabilities.

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Laptop Mag also gives the Notebook 9 Pro four stars.

“The Samsung Notebook 9 Pro is a sleek, powerful 15-inch laptop with the best built-in stylus on the market, but we wish it lasted longer on a charge.”

Of course, that’s not the only complaint about the battery life.

“The Notebook 9 Pro has a short battery life, with about 260 minutes of video playback. That’s probably the lowest we’ve seen out of a laptop, but we didn’t expect a long run with this much hardware,” says Gordon Mah Ung of PC World.

Indeed, Samsung has run into the same problems as Dell when it comes to 15-inch notebooks. They are usually so powerful that battery life becomes secondary. The only 15-inch notebook that I’ve used that has an average of five hours of battery life or more with heavy use is the MacBook Pro 15-inch (Touch Bar). But for some people, the lower battery life is a trade-off for a portable machine that can play a lot of graphic-intense games.

Samsung's latest power notebook has a relatively low resolution screen.

There is one huge flaw with the Notebook 9 Pro: It’s 15-inch screen only has a 1080p resolution. Ten years ago, a 15-inch laptop with a 1080p screen was considered a luxury. Today, it’s way behind the times. Although some people may not mind.

In terms of gaming, some may prefer the 1080p screen because it allows more frames-per-second on various games. However, others who like to play back 4K videos obviously won’t see the deep details in the videos. Pictures won’t show deep details either. Why does it always seem like whenever Samsung is about to hit a home run with a product, there is always one main shortcoming?


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