Samsung AKG Earbuds For Galaxy S10 Are Excellent

Samsung includes great wired earbuds in the S10 package.

I have a confession. Even though I’ve had the Samsung Galaxy S10 since March, I haven’t used the AKG earbuds that came with the phone. I’m tired of earbuds that are included with smartphones because they are usually of low quality. They are usually the kind of headphones that you can purchase for $10 or $15. This is especially the case with Apple.

However, the AKG-tuned wired buds that are included with the Galaxy S10 units are the type of buds you would want to buy even if you didn’t own a Samsung device: The sound is robust, the fit is great, and the phone call quality is absolutely fantastic. I would say that the sound is easily better than some of the wireless headphones that cost $200.

I really like the fact that the cords are wrapped in cloth; this makes it easier for you to put in your pocket without worrying about the wires cutting apart. The nozzles on the buds are angled, and this is bothersome at first. However, they end up feeling more comfortable than non-angled buds. And if you put the right-sized rubberized tips on, you not only get great noise cancellation but throbbing bass as well.

Samsung's earbuds are easy to put in your pocket.

The highs and mids of the sound spectrum are decent, but the separation of the frequencies is slightly blurred. At times, especially when listening to heavy-bass EDM, it’s hard to differentiate vocals from the throbbing beats. But it’s not a huge deal, especially since these buds are actually included with the Galaxy S10. Only die-hard audiophiles will be upset.

Furthermore, Samsung’s buds make the case for using wired buds instead of wireless ones. You don’t have to constantly worry if the Bluetooth connection is working, and you can easily swap the headphones from your smartphone into your computer. Most importantly, when you use the buds to make phone calls, the person on the other line won’t have to ask you to repeat yourself constantly.

Perhaps if the AKG wired buds weren’t so plain looking, more Samsung owners would give them a chance. Samsung certainly needs to up their marketing efforts to let people know these aren’t your ordinary wired earbuds. It’s not so often that a company includes such high-quality buds in a smartphone package. Once again, Samsung is ahead of the competition.

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