‘Racket NX’ Is Another Winner For The HTC Vive

Racket NX for the HTC Vive offers a lot of excitement….and exercise too.

Racket NX has been in demo mode for the past several months. Recently, a full and more polished version was released. I fully admit to not trying the full version yet, but will as soon as I get better at the demo version. But the consensus is that Racket NX is worth the $19.99 that is charged for it.

Racket NX has become my favorite game, along with Holoball, VR Baseball, and #SelfieTennis in that it provides measurable exercise and doesn’t take days to understand how to play. You basically have to keep hitting a ball to a moving green area target before your time goes out. It sounds easy, but the ball can come at you from all directions — behind, to the right, to the left, and in front. And the green area keeps changing as well. The game can make you dizzy, but I find myself getting more sweaty.

Click to play on YouTube.

There are things that you can hit to give you more life, and you can even press a button to make the ball come back to you in the same way you hit it. This all may sound easy, but my tired arms will tell you differently. And this is only from playing the demo version.

In January, the early access version of Racket NX was released. This new version allows multiple players, so you can play with your uncle in Alaska or Australia if you like. I haven’t tried this mode, but several on Reddit will attest that it is pretty amazing and adds a lot to the game.

The HTC Vive currently only offers a handful of great exercise experiences.

The HTC Vive needs more simple but effective games like Racket NX. Many current HTC Vive games and experiences turn people off from VR. Companies need to learn that it’s not about the graphics or the music; it’s about the gameplay. And it’s not about making the gameplay difficult; it’s about making it immersive. I don’t want to spend three hours trying to learn how to play a game; I would rather start it and get immediately immersed.

There will soon be more updates to Racket NX that will make it even more exciting than it currently is. If you get an HTC Vive in the near future, this should be one of the first experiences you download.

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