Is The Samsung Gear S3 Smartwatch Coming Soon?

Samsung Gear S3 images have leaked.

Late last year, this blog reviewed the Samsung Gear S2 (3G version) and was very impressed.

“The best thing about the 3G Samsung Gear S2 smartwatch is that it can operate separately from your Android (and soon Apple) smartphone. You get a SIM card with a new phone number. However, if you are away from your smartphone, the Gear S2 takes on the number of your smartphone (if you want).”

This made me like the Gear S2 a whole lot more than I did when I tested out the non-3G version of the watch a couple months before. It also helps that Samsung had some useful software updates. Overall, I still think the Gear S2 is slightly better than the Apple Watch.

It appears that the Gear S3 will take Samsung’s smartwatch to another level. According to Phone Arena, new images of the S3, codenamed “Solis,” have leaked. Like the S2, Samsung’s upcoming smartwatch will run the Tizen operating system. It will also have an updated interface that will likely take advantage of the same rotating bezel control system that the Gear S2 offers. Perhaps there will be a version of the S3 that has a 4G LTE chip instead of just a 3G one.

The next Apple Watch is said to have major improvements.

Samsung certainly beat the Apple Watch with the Gear S2, but can they beat the Apple Watch 2, which is set to be released in the second half of 2016? According to MacWorld UK and other sites, the new Watch will have a 3G (or possibly 4G) chip so one doesn’t have to always depend on a Bluetooth connection to the iPhone in order for the Watch to function. The Apple Watch will have a separate number, but can also use the number of your iPhone to take or make calls. This function works very well with the 3G version of the Gear S2.

Perhaps the biggest star of the Apple Watch 2 will be the software update, watchOS 3. According to Mac Rumors, there are new apps, new watch faces, new interface tweaks, and a new feature for keeping apps running in the background so they can launch instantly. Those who have tested watchOS 3 say that it completely gives life to the Apple Watch. Let’s hope it can give some sales too as the Apple Watch has not sold nearly as well as people had expected.

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