iPhone 11 Pro Max: First Impressions

iPhone 11 Pro Max comes in a stylish box.

iPhone 11 week continues, and my hands have been on the new iPhone 11 Pro Max for the past day. Even though I’m not ready for a full review, I can give my first impressions, most which are positive. Here we go…

  • I have the green one, which is really cool. The new matte finish feels great in your hands.
  • The 6.5-inch screen is beautiful, but it needs some adjusting to look as good as the Samsung Galaxy S10+’s 6.5-inch screen.
  • The 11 Pro feels slightly heavier than 2018′s XS Max. It’s not a bad thing, especially since the battery that’s fit in offers significantly more life.
  • The Night Mode works very well. Here’s one picture I took in a relatively dark room.

Here's a perfect Night Mode shot.

  • And here’s another that was taken in pitch outdoors black. 
  • Watching movies on the Pro Max is great, but that notch is still intruding. I like the “hole punch” front cameras on the Galaxy S10+ more. 
  • However, the front camera takes great selfies.
  • I had trouble connecting the iPhone 11 Pro Max to the Samsung Galaxy Watch. I will work on this more. 
  • I’m getting a lot of looks when using this at Starbucks.
  • Using iOS after using Android for so many months is confusing. 
  • It’s so disappointing that this doesn’t have Apple Pencil support. 
  • I love the new Safari app in iOS 13. It’s the desktop browser that iPhone and iPad users have always asked for. 
  • This thing begs for a screen protector and a protective case even though it’s nice to hold it naked.
  • This thing runs fast! Switching apps is really smooth.
  • I wish Apple would forget the lighting port and replace it with a USB-C port.
  • This new iPhone charges very fast — even faster than the Galaxy S10+ and Galaxy Note 10+.
  • Using Siri after Google Assistant for so many months is a painful reminder of how much Apple has fallen behind.
  • Apple Maps still sucks. It’s better to download Google Maps; your life will be easier.
  • Apple’s EarPods are outdated. The minute you use these makes you want the AirPods instead. Well done, Apple…well done.
  • Video recording on this is fantastic. I need to do more tests, especially in low-lit situations.
I will have a full review of the iPhone 11 Max within the next week. For now, I will say that even though I love Apple’s new iPhone, it’s not a must-upgrade for those who already have 2018′s XS Max. But for others, it just may be the ultimate smartphone. 

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Daryl Deino has been a technology enthusiast since 1995 and has written for several newspapers and technology sites. Please reach him at [email protected]
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