iReTron’s debut at Green Festival 2011, San Francisco

This Veteran’s Day weekend was an exciting one for iReTron. We attended Green Festival at San Francisco and held a booth Saturday and Sunday. We talked to over 1000 individuals about iReTron, and Jason, the co-founder of iReTron, gave an hour-long presentation on the e-waste crisis and what the company is doing to solve it. During the event, friends were made, business cards were exchanged, and water bottles were downed. It was a long weekend but we couldn’t have been more delighted to be apart of Green Festival’s tenth anniversary event at San Francisco.

The whole experience at Green Festival was exhilarating. At 8 AM, the exhibitors received badges made from elephant dung. Walking around before the exhibit opening, we saw many interesting booths and products. Many exhibitors were dressed up to attract potential customers, and a mixture of aromas from food vendors could be noticed from a long way’s distance. A few minutes after 8, doors opened and people flooded in.

During the 20 hours, we did nothing except repeat our goals and integrity as a company to the 500 individuals who came by. Individuals and parties ranged from teenagers to seniors and there was not one person who left without taking a business card or a flyer. We had our trusty tri-fold poster to aid us, our banner to back up our booth, and even one-on-one demonstrations on several laptops to show exactly how easy and rewarding it is to use iReTron. We brought along a few apple earphones and power adapters to sell and to demonstrate how we sell our collected items. One of iReTron’s goals is to reach out and make electronics affordable for everyone. We sold our electronics for more than half the price they are worth—Just because we can. By the end of day one, our voices were clearly going away, but we pulled through just in time for closing.

Sunday started with a breakfast at the fair. As we walked around again before doors were opened, we got a better look at all the booths and products. It was inspiring to see what other people are doing for the environment and it inspired us to improve ourselves. We were pumped for another day at the festival. I gave my presentation on e-waste and iReTron, and the hour on stage was simply my presenting my ideas and my company. Words and thoughts flowed naturally and the 60 minutes was nothing but a breeze. The day finished smoothly with gadgets sold, accounts created, and even transactions done on the spot. As we broke down our booth, Energy felt drained from us and our voices once lost again, but we were smiling and laughing knowing the weekend was an unforgettable step for iReTron.

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