Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra: First Impressions

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra

I have been able to play with the Note 20 Ultra for about 10 minutes. When I say “play with,” I mean it. There was no way I had enough time to really interact with it the way I wanted to. Anyhow, here are my first impressions:

  • Just like the Note 10+, this new high-end model may be a little too big for the pockets.
  • The bezels have decreased to the point of almost not existing. And the screen looks beautiful. It looks like the contrast ratio and color saturation have been improved.
  • The 120Hz screen really is a plus. You’ll especially notice the improvement when you use the new S Pen, which is the slickest stylus yet from Samsung.
  • There isn’t any noticeable delay when you put the S Pen to the screen and ink appearing. Its latency rate is as good as the Apple Pencil with the iPad Pro.

The Note 20 Ultra is huge but thin.

  • The Samsung Notes app appears to digitally improve curvy or messy handwriting.
  • The bronze model is absolutely beautiful, and I’m sure this is the color that everybody is going to want. I love how the matte finish prevents visible fingerprints.
  • The screen isn’t perfectly flat, but it is more flat than any previous smartphone Samsung has released in the past several years.

The Note 20 Ultra has a huge but impressive camera bump.

  • The camera bump is huge. I would be afraid to put this thing down with the screen facing up. It might be easy to scratch one of the three lenses.
  • The pictures and videos I took looked very nice, but I need more time to use the camera. If it’s anything like the S20+ camera, then it’s a winner.
  • The buttons are on the right side of the new Note, and the S Pen is on the left. It definitely takes a little bit to get used to.
  • The new S Pen air gestures feel like a gimmick.
  • Despite my heavy use of the new Note for 10 minutes, the battery only depleted eight percent. There is no reason to fear the 4,500mAh battery, which is smaller than the 5,000mAh battery from the Note 10+.
This phone is definitely the Mercedes of smartphones. However, it may not be as exciting as the upcoming Galaxy Z Fold 2. Still, even the latter doesn’t allow you to instantly write digital notes and save them. Samsung may be playing safe with the Note 20 Ultra, but the device will likely be a huge seller. 

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