Could Windows 10 Make Microsoft Windows Relevant Again?

Windows 10 could turn things around for Microsoft.

Microsoft’s new CEO Satya Nadella will unveil the new Windows 10 desktop operating system tomorrow and Microsoft certainly has a lot riding on it. All tech eyes will be aimed towards tomorrow’s event at its company’s headquarters in Redmond, Washington. Here is what we can expect from Windows 10:

  • A new version of Cortana, Microsoft’s voice assistant that started out on Windows Phone.
  • A new Xbox app that will act as a gateway to the entire Xbox ecosystem. Gamers will now be able to see their stats and activity feeds from their desktop computer. Will they be able to play games?
  • A new feature called Continuum that allows users to pick up what they were doing when they switch between a PC, tablet or phone.
  • Finally! The Start menu button.

Will Microsoft’s new operating system cause the same excitement as Windows XP and Windows 7? Will it end up being another debacle like Windows 8 or Windows Vista? It’s more than likely that Microsoft has learned their lesson and will produce a consumer-friendly operating system.

Windows 8 turned off a lot of consumers.

Windows 8 wasn’t as bad as many people made it out to be; the operating system was robust, reliable, and could be used on both tablets and laptops. The problem: It was the most consumer-unfriendly operating system ever released. It was an operating system developed more for IT professionals than consumers. You couldn’t conveniently open apps; you had to search for them.

Windows 8 might have worked more for tablets, but not every PC was a tablet. This was a bigger error on Microsoft’s part than the debacle known as Windows Vista, which caused Apple’s OS X to take over. Remember going to Starbucks and only seeing a select few of “artsy” people using MacBooks? Now, it’s hard to go to Starbucks and find someone using a Windows PC.

Microsoft is definitely in the midst of a comeback though. The first Surface Pro units were well received, but not huge consumer hits. In 2014, the Surface Pro 3 reinvented the laptop-tablet hybrid and has been a huge seller. The Surface Pro 3 has done so well that it has inspired Apple to up its game and produce the iPad Pro with stylus support. The Surface Pro 4, rumored to be released in May, is said to offer an even better hybrid experience. Microsoft is getting the hardware right, but they need to get the software up to date. The announcement of Windows 10 should be a great step forward for Microsoft.

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