Bose Is Still Leader for Consumer Audio

Apple may have recently acquired Beats, a company some say specializes in style over substance. Whether that is true or not, Beats branded headphones are outselling those of every other brand, including Bose. However, that may not be for much longer.

Bose offers far better audio quality than Beats or any other brand. This may not have been the case three years back when Bose products, though sounding great, concentrated too much on the lower ranges of the audio spectrum. New Bose products offer the perfect amount of bass with great middle and upper ranges of the sound spectrum as well.

Bose SoundLink Bluetooth Speaker III

Perhaps the best product that demonstrates this is the SoundLink Bluetooth Speaker III, an absolutely outstanding Bluetooth speaker that produces better sound than most wired speakers and—in some cases—complete wired systems. The SoundLink III has the capability to make you enjoy music you previously thought was unlistenable.

The SoundLink III costs $299, but is well worth it. The speaker can fill up a living room, garage, or huge space. If you are just looking for a great sounding speaker to fill up noise in a bedroom, cubicle, or kitchen, the $199 SoundLink Mini Bluetooth Speaker will do just that. The warm and clear sound that comes out of this little thing is unbelievable. Bose is currently working on an upgrade to the Mini Bluetooth Speaker and it’s hard to imagine how it can get any better.

Bose doesn’t just make excellent speakers; they make excellent headphones as well. Through Bluetooth, the On-Ear SoundLink headphones put the same warm sound of their speakers in your ears. They don’t offer active noise cancellation, but passively block more than enough noise with the ear cushions.

Perhaps the best Bose headphones are the QuietComfort 25 headphones with active noise-cancellation that actually works very well. You definitely want to take these with you on a plane to block out most of the annoying noise. Believe it or not, the QuietComfort 25 headphones are even comfortable to sleep with and will block the noise of your annoying neighbors having sex or your spouse making too much noise in the bathroom.

In the next year, we will likely see more Bose stereo systems in cars as well as upgrades to the SoundLink Bluetooth Speaker III and the SoundLink Mini Bluetooth speaker. Bose will also likely produce new wireless earbuds. This will all make 2015 a great year for audiophiles.

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