Apple’s BeatsX: First Impressions

The BeatsX is now available at Apple Store retail locations.

Yesterday, I got my hands (and ears) on the new BeatsX¬†wireless earbud set. The product is wireless (but the buds are wired together) and has received a lot of hype. Like the AirPods, the BeatsX easily connects to an Apple product due to it’s advanced W1 chip. Once I turned it on, the Bests X immediately connected to my iPhone.

I have to use the earbud set a little bit more to give my final verdict, but here are some of the things I have noticed the most.

Audio Quality

For $150, the sound quality is really good. Usually, Beats branded headphones have an overwhelming amount of bass (some people like that). But even though the BeatsX headphone set offers a lot of bass, it’s not overwhelming. Beats has sculpted the treble as well, which could sound too sculpted if you don’t change the equalizer settings on your phone or computer.

Fit and Noise Isolation

The BeatsX fits around your neck comfortably. Unfortunately, the cord is so big that it could easily get caught up in your shirt or jacket. However, once the headphone set fits in your ears, you will notice that the BeatsX blocks out more noise than some headphones that have active noise cancellation.

The BeatsX offers the best noise isolation out of any earbud set on the market.

When working out at 24 Hours Fitness, I could barely hear anything else besides my music playing — that is a good thing. However, it wasn’t such a good thing when I was walking in Burbank and couldn’t hear traffic. One should be careful when choosing to wear the BeatsX.

Phone Quality

When talking with people using the BeatsX, they said I sounded good, but could hear more background noise than they did when I used the AirPods. Beats headphones and earbuds have never been excellent for making phone calls, but they adequately do the job. These certainly aren’t the best buds to use if you need to constantly go into really loud places and make phone calls.

Battery Life

The BeatsX offers more than eight hours of battery life.

Apple claims you get up to eight hours of battery life with the BeatsX, which is pretty good (not spectacular) for earbuds of this caliber. In two different tests, I was able to get about eight hours and fifteen minutes. The earbud set comes with a Lightning charger, which charges the headphones to useable levels within minutes.

Early Conclusion

So far, I would say that the BeatsX headphone set is definitely worth the $149, but won’t be for everybody. If I had to choose between the BeatsX and the AirPods, the Apple buds would win, even though they are slightly more expensive.


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