Apple May Be Discontinuing MacBook Air Soon

The MacBook Air may be discontinued, but does it really matter?

This may come as a shock to some, but according to Tech Times, Apple doesn’t plan on releasing an updated MacBook Air in 2016.

“Apple will reportedly release a 13-inch Retina MacBook during the third quarter of this year, but might axe the MacBook Air┬áseries. Yes, you read that right, word is that Apple might be gearing up to give its most popular laptop the boot.”

Tech Times notes that the prediction comes from a KGI securities analyst who, in the past, has provided spot-on information. Some Apple fans may be forming tears, but this isn’t as bad as it sounds.

The 12-inch MacBook has become Apple's flagship ultraportable.

First of all, the 12-inch MacBook is Apple’s new ultraportable. While it doesn’t have the power of the latest MacBook Air, it has a much better screen and is much more portable. People may scoff at the fact it only has one port (USB-C), but that really is the future of laptops.

As Tech Times indicates, Apple will reportedly release a 13-inch MacBook with a Retina screen during the third quarter. It’s quite possible that the processor may be beefed up to be more like the MacBook Air. If that doesn’t happen, there still is no reason to sweat. After all, Apple is getting ready to release a new MacBook Pro.

The updated MacBook Pro may be as thin as the MacBook Air.

According to Gizmodo, the new Pro will not only be thinner and lighter, but will have an OLED display touchbar sitting right above the keyboard, possibly replacing the function buttons. The current MacBook Pro has already thinned down when compared to the MacBook Pro Apple had in 2012. An even thinner Pro would pretty much delete the need for a MacBook Air.

However, even though the MacBook Air is becoming irrelevant, nobody should forget its significance in the history of laptop computers. Thanks to the Air, several PC companies have gone the extra mile to make ultraportable computers that are also powerful. Some people scoffed at the first MacBook Air in early 2008, especially since Apple had to get rid of the DVD-ROM drive in order to make the Air so skinny. Apple certainly had the last laugh.

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