Apple’s AirPods Max Prove To Be Best Wireless Headphones Ever Made

Apple AirPods Max

I did my ears-on review of Apple’s AirPods Max about six weeks back, and I was impressed. However, I didn’t think they were worth $550. After using them for a week, my mind has been somewhat changed.

The AirPods Max are not like other headphone products where the more you use them, the more you notice faults. Instead, they get better. You appreciate the comfort a lot more. And after listening to other wireless headsets, you appreciate the sound more. Let’s take a further look…


After wearing the AirPods Max for two hours in a row, the comfort level was still excellent. No matter how heavy they are, they fit just right. The earcups, made with memory-foam cushions, feel wonderful on your ears. Yes, you can even sleep with them on without worrying about breaking them.

The AirPods Max are the most comfortable headphones available.

I think it’s the stainless steel headband that allows the weight to be distributed so evenly. In your hand, they feel far heavier than any set of headphones you ever used. On your head, it’s a far different story.

Noise Cancellation

I’ve tested the noise cancellation on the AirPods Max in many situations — in traffic, by a noisy lawn mower, next to a noisy hotel room, and even in a park with screaming kids. The Max, hands down, cuts out more noise than the Sony WH-1000XM4 and the Bose NC700 headphones, both which many think are the noise cancellation leaders in the industry.

The Transparency Mode is just as impressive. Just like the AirPods Pro, you are hearing exactly what you would if you didn’t have headphones on. The Max amplifies sound a little bit more than the AirPods Pro and is perfect for those who don’t want to have conversations without taking their headphones off.


It’s hard to believe that a pair of wireless headphones could produce such good sound. It’s audiophile level sound, though a true audiophile can always tell a difference between wired and wireless sound. Listening to “Physical” by Dua Lipa brings out the lower bass while bringing out individual instruments. I especially enjoyed listening to electronic mood music which brought out instruments I haven’t ever noticed before in many songs.

Phone Calls

The AirPods Max make great phone calls.

If you think the AirPods Pro offer great call quality, just wait until you try the AirPods Max, which cut out even strong wind noise. Many people I called using the AirPods Max said they could not hear the usual “echo” that wireless headphones produce when making calls.


There is no doubt about it – the AirPods Max are not just groundbreaking in price; they are groundbreaking in quality as well. While most may want to wait until the price goes down (which it eventually will this year), others – who have some extra cash and are looking for the best headphones available – will not be disappointed with their purchase.

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