The iPhone SE 2020 Is A Game Changer

The iPhone SE is far more than just a "budget" iPhone.

I had a couple days to test out the 2020 iPhone SE and was surprised how much I liked it. In fact, I took the SIM card out of my Galaxy S20+ and made Apple’s latest smartphone my main cellular device. I actually wanted to keep it as a secondary phone so I can use the Apple Watch, which I greatly miss even though I love my Samsung phone.

Starting at $399 (64GB version), one might think the SE is a cheaply-made phone. It’s not. It’s pretty much a 2017 iPhone 8 running on 2020′s powerful A13 chipset. It’s sleek, fun, and will remind you that other smartphones have become too large for their own good.

The iPhone SE comes in the same slick packaging as Apple's more premium smartphones.

It doesn’t have top-end features like newer iPhones. For example, the 4.7-inch screen isn’t even full HD. And it doesn’t offer True Tone technology. But what it does offer display wise will be good enough for most people. But smartphone geeks may call the screen “cheap” or too small, even if it isn’t. It’s easy to forget that just three years ago, a 4.7-inch screen was considered more than big enough.

Then, there is the camera. It’s the same single-lens 12MP camera from 2017. The improvements that Apple has made to its cameras in the past couple of years aren’t here. However, the average user will still be satisfied, especially with the stable 4K video capabilities. In many situations, one won’t need the advanced camera features the new iPhones offer.

The 2020 iPhone SE only has a single-lens camera.

For a 4.7-inch device, the new iPhone SE has excellent speakers with distortion only heard at the highest volume. They won’t fill a small room, but the can definitely fill a small space. You can even hear bass kick in as I did when I played the song “I Don’t Care” by Icona Pop. Apple still makes the best smartphone speakers.

The iPhone SE 2020 is absolutely perfect for those who are beginners to smartphones or even for those who just want a secondary phone they could easily pop their SIM card into. Even smartphone experts and snobs will appreciate the retro feeling the iPhone SE gives. While this isn’t the best smartphone Apple has recently released, it will likely be the most profitable.

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First Look: Microsoft Surface Go 2

Microsoft's Surface Go 2 is available now.

I am excited to have my hands on the new Surface Go 2. It’s the mid-level version: Intel Pentium 4425Y processor; 8GB of RAM; and a 128GB SSD. It sells for $549.99. It’s important to note that the Surface Go 2 starts at $399.99, but that’s just for a Surface Go with the absolute minimal.

I wanted to test the Surface Go 2 that has an Intel Core M3 processor. However, I’ll have to wait for now. In the mean time, here are some of my observations about the mid-level Surface Go 2.

The Surface Go 2 has an improved screen.

  • The bezels have been trimmed down to allow for a 10.5-inch screen rather than a 10-inch one. While they are still larger than the average 2020 tablet or laptop, they look great and allow your fingers to hold the device in tablet mode without accidentally touching the screen.
  • The bezels are smaller than they are on the Surface Pro 7.
  • It was easy to get out of Windows 10 (S mode) and load the regular version of Windows 10.
  • The updated Pentium processor makes things speed up a little more, but the laptop is still slow.
  • I was able to run Photoshop and even use the “Liquify” filter. It took a little bit of time, but it worked.
  • The 10.5-inch 1980 x 1220 pixel resolution screen (220 PPI) is improved from the previous version. There is a bigger contrast ratio and the colors come to life more.
  • The screen is very good but still not as good as the Retina screen on the iPad Pro.
  • The reviews that criticized the speakers are incorrect. While there isn’t much bass in the sound, the speakers still sound wide and distant, even though they’re less than a foot away from each other. For a device this size, they are fine.
  • The miniature Type Cover is still a little too cramped but not so much that it’s a deal breaker.
  • Inking with the Surface Pen has greatly improved on the Surface Go 2. It doesn’t feel as natural as it does on the Surface Pro 7, but you can draw and write without worrying about extensive pen jitter.
  • The battery life is good but not great.
I’ll do a full review after using the Surface Go 2 more extensively. For now, it makes a great secondary device. For most, the Surface Go 2 cannot be your main computer. And that’s fine; it wasn’t designed to be. 
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The MacBook Pro 16 Is A Wonderful Portable ‘Desktop’

Apple's 16-inch MacBook Pro is a technological marvel.

The version of the MacBook Pro 16 being reviewed for this article has a ninth-generation six-core Intel Core i7 processor, 16GB of RAM, a 512 SSD, and AMD Radeon Pro 5300M graphics with GDDR6 memory. It sells for $2,399.00, but you can get it for as much as $220 off at some places. 

The MacBook Pro 16 really makes up for Apple falling behind on their flagship notebooks over the past few years. Let’s find out why…

Build and Design

The MacBook Pro 16 looks a lot like the 15-inch model, even though it is slightly larger with dimensions of 0.64 x 14.09 x 9.68 inches (1.62 x: 35.79 x 24.59 cm) versus the 15-inch’s 0.61 x 13.75 x 9.48 inches (1.55 x 34.93 x 24.07 cm). The differences aren’t noticeable until you put them side by side.


The Retina screen is great for watching television shows or movies.

Apple has updated the design on this MacBook Pro, and the bezel space around the screen is minimal. The 16-inch screen isn’t 4K, but the 226 DPI resolution (up from the MacBook Pro 15′s 220 DPI) is good enough for clear text and HD movies. A 4K laptop would be overkill for Apple, and it would take away from the 16-inch Pro’s fantastic battery life.


The star of the new MacBook Pro is the speaker system, which is unbelievably good for a laptop. There are six speakers in the MacBook Pro with woofers in order to produce undistorted bass. If your eyes are closed, the Pro 16 can trick your ears into thinking that sound is coming from speakers on both sides of the room. You really have to listen to the MacBook Pro 16 to truly understand how good the sound is.


Although the Butterfly keyboard that had been put in Mac computers since 2015 wasn’t as bad as some claimed, it did cause as lot of complaints from longtime MacBook users. In some cases, it made people move to Windows computers.

Apple's new keyboard will satisfy customers who dislike previous Butterfly keys.

Even if you were okay with the Butterfly keys, you’ll admit that the new keyboard is much better. The new Magic keyboard keys have travel and give a nice “spongy” feel on your fingertips. You will warm up to it instantly.


People buy the MacBook Pro primarily for performance, and even the entry-level MacBook Pro 16 delivers. It wasn’t released in time for a 10th generation processor, but the ninth generation’s (eight-core!) Intel i7 processor helps move things along like a desktop would.

I am amazed that some 4K videos that took 15 minutes to render using Adobe Premiere on the 2019 Dell XPS 13 only took five minutes on the Pro 16. This laptop, even at the “entry-level” range, is truly a content creator’s dream come true. 

Battery Life

The MacBook Pro 16 can last all day on a single charge.

You would excuse a laptop this powerful if it didn’t last as long as most of the others in 2020. But that’s not the case with the MacBook Pro and its powerful  100-Wh lithium-polymer battery that helps most users get up to 10 hours of use.

While streaming Netflix until the battery ran out, I got almost seven hours with the brightness set at 75 percent. Keep in mind that one can easily enjoy content and save battery life with the brightness set at 50 percent.


Many people rightly thought that Apple had fallen behind when it came to laptops. But with the 16-inch MacBook Pro, Apple is once again ahead of the curve. This notebook is a dream for both content creation and even content consumption.


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The Surface Go 2 Looks Exciting, But Is It Too Expensive?

The Microsoft Surface Go 2 goes on sale May 12.

This column called the original Surface Go a groundbreaking device when it first came out. It was basically a smaller version of the Surface Pro but with a low-powered processor (Intel Pentium Gold), and HUGE bezels around the screen. It wasn’t a huge hit, but it did well enough for Microsoft to introduce an upgraded Surface Go 2.

The base model, at $399, still has the Pentium Gold processor. However, higher-end models will have a Core m3 option, which will help the device do better when it comes to editing photos or even small video clips. Microsoft says the performance on the Surface Go 2 with the m3 processor will improve productivity by 64 percent.

There aren’t many reviews out yet. However, CNET definitely seems impressed.

The new Surface Go 2 has a slightly larger screen than original 2018 version.

“The Surface Go 2 will be available starting May 12, from $399. The portability isn’t the world’s biggest selling point right now, but the low price (even with the sold-separately accessories) certainly is, especially for a well-built machine with high production values,” notes author Dan Ackerman, who adds that Microsoft’s new tablet is the perfect post-quarantine computer to take to parks and other places.

If I were to buy this, the configuration with the Intel Core m3 processor, Wi-Fi, 8GB of RAM, and LTE for $693.49 would be my choice. It sounds like a good price until you realize that it doesn’t include a keyboard (Optional Type Cover costs $100) or a digital pen (at least $100). That comes to almost $900 for a lower-powered (but admittedly slick) computer. To be fair, most will go for the Non-LTE high-end configuration that will cost $800 with all the goodies.

The Surface Go 2 can be used as a tablet.

Those who want to use the tablet with a digital pen may want to be careful. Inking on the original Surface Go was often unresponsive with a lot of lag. Let’s hope Microsoft has improved the inking experience like they did with the Surface Pro 6 in 2018. A lot of people use their Surface device as a digital notepad.

Some wonder if just buying a Surface Pro 7 ( only $200 more with better configurations) would be a better buy. It certainly sounds like that’s possible. But let’s not judge until we test out the new Surface Go 2. Hopefully, this column will have a first-impressions review next week.

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Dell’s New XPS 15 Takes On MacBook Pro 16

The new XPS 15 is expected to go on sale in May.

I have been using the MacBook Pro 16 for the past five days and will post my review this weekend. It’s the best laptop I have ever tested. The screen, although not 4K, is beautiful. But the big surprise of the new MacBook Pro 16 is the set of speakers. They are out of this world and can actually fill up a room with bass-heavy and non-distorted music.

Dell’s XPS 15 has always been seen as the more affordable competitor to the flagship MacBook Pro. But it has always had one major problem — poor speakers. Yes, you can listen with headphones or connect a set of Bluetooth speakers. However, when you pay more than $1,700 for a notebook, you shouldn’t have to.

Dell now understands this and is preparing a redesigned XPS 15 and a new XPS 17. Laptop Mag has the news.

“The upcoming XPS 15 9500 will be getting many of the same design changes the XPS 13 2020 received. Dell is refreshing the XPS 15′s design by removing the bottom bezel, allowing for a truly edge-to-edge display. As a result, the XPS 15′s size was reduced to 13.6 x 9.1 x 0.7 inches and 4 pounds from the previous model’s 14.1 x 9.3 x 0.7 inches and 4.5 pounds.”

The article adds that the speakers have been moved to the deck on both sides of the keyboards. The author, like others, is hoping this means that these top-firing speakers improve the sound deficiency of previous models. Like the new XPS 13 laptops, the screen on this one will have a 16:10 aspect ratio rather than the outdated 16:9 display of yesteryear. The new XPS 15 9500 will have versions with a 1080p screen and a 4K screen.

Dell is trying take on Apple's successful MacBook Pro 16.

Then, there is the upcoming Dell XPS 17, the first 17-inch XPS in several years. It is reportedly just a larger version of the XPS 15. It will weigh 5.5 pounds. Although that may sound like a lot of weight to carry around, one must remember that just one decade ago, carrying around a 5.5-pound laptop was the norm.

Dell’s new laptops will likely be announced very soon as several sites have been leaking pictures. The new XPS 15, especially, looks like it could end up being the go-to laptop for many Windows power users. The new XPS computers are expected to go on sale sometime in May. We’ll have more information when an official announcement is made.

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Dell XPS 13 2-in-1 Outdoes Microsoft Surface Pro 7

The version of the Dell XPS 13 2-in-1 that is being reviewed has a 10th generation Intel Core i7 processor, 16GB of RAM, a 512GB SSD, and a 4K screenIt is on sale for $1799.99 at Micro Center

I recently reviewed the Surface Pro 7, and even though it isn’t a major upgrade from the Pro 6, I still crowned it king when it comes to laptop-tablet combos. Well, after using the late-2019 Dell XPS 13 2-in-1, I have to change my mind; Dell’s laptop outdoes Microsoft’s in many ways.

Build and Design

You would be shocked that a 13.4-inch screen fits into this device, which has a very high-quality platinum silver exterior and a hard rubberized black matte interior surrounding the MagLev keyboard. You have the option of getting a white interior, but that costs at least $50 extra.  The glass trackpad is very comfortable for your fingers.


The early-2019 Dell XPS 13 screen was good, but it seemed slightly washed when it came to color saturation. This certainly isn’t the case with the new XPS 13. The colors are very vibrant and the contrast ratio is so good that you could easily mistake it for an OLED screen.

The XPS 13 2-in-1 screen is perhaps the best on the market.

This time, Dell gives you a slightly larger 13.4-inch screen with a 16:10 aspect ratio that will satisfy those who believe the 16:9 aspect ratio is outdated for a laptop. To make things even better, there is barely any bezel surrounding the screen. Once again, Dell is somehow able to put a 720p webcam on top. The camera works well for software such as Zoom, but it’s certainly not one of the better ones.


This may be the most controversial part of the XPS 13 2-in-1, but the MagLev keyboard is really fantastic, once you get used to it. The keys don’t provide a lot of travel, but give your fingers a satisfying tactile crunch feeling when pressing them. You will likely be able to type as fast on this keyboard as you do on others. 


The 10th generation Intel Core i7 processor and 16GB of RAM make the new Dell laptop run everyday tasks easily. However, once you get into photo and video editing, the processor heats up and makes a lot of noise as it goes into Turbo mode. The XPS 13 2-in-1 is adequate when it comes to editing graphics and videos, but this is far from the best to get when it comes to these tasks.

The XPS 13 2-In-1 can accomplish most tasks smoothly

The Intel Iris Plus graphics make it adequate for basic games such as Assassin’s Creed and some older titles. But if you decide you want to play more CPU-intensive games, you can always use one of the two Thunderbolt 3 ports to connect an eGPU.


There is one thing that is preventing this from being the perfect multimedia laptop – the speakers. They aren’t awful; there is more “oomph” and bass than there is on the early-2019 XPS 13. However, the speakers are on the bottom of the device and are easily blocked. It’s not a deal killer, but don’t expect the 2-in-1 to fill up your room with sound.


Folding 2-in-1 computers into Tablet mode has usually been quite cumbersome. This certainly isn’t the case with the new XPS 13 2-in-1, as the laptop folds easily and feels great as a tablet. The only thing limiting its tablet capabilities is the fact that it runs a desktop operating system (Windows 10). Dell offers an optional digital pen for $80, but it wasn’t available for this review.

Battery Life

If you buy a 4K laptop, you have to deal with the fact that the screen will eat a lot of battery life. For many, the tradeoff is worth it. The XPS 13 2-in-1 offers between four-and-a-half and five hours with brightness set at 75 percent. This is a little below average, but not dangerously so. Some have claimed to get as much as six hours of juice with the 2-in-1 when performing everyday tasks. This is certainly not the type of laptop that you can take to work without bringing the charger.


When Dell released their first XPS 13 2-in-1 in 2017, it was a promising but underpowered device. Dell has fixed almost all of the nuisances of 2017′s device and has produced the best 2-in-1 laptop ever. Let’s hope Dell can somehow move the speakers to the front of the device when the next version comes out.

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Best Oculus Quest VR Experiences For Quarantine

There are many ways to escape into the VR world during these uncertain times.

If you told us one year ago that many of us would be quarantining in our homes to avoid spreading or getting a deadly (for many) virus, we’d say you’re a little crazy. But in April of 2020, here we are.

But thanks to VR headsets like the Oculus Quest, you can always escape to another world and shoot spaceships, exercise, and even meet up with friends or family members. If you have or can somehow get your hands on a Quest, here are some of the best VR experiences for your quarantine.

Beat Saber ($29.99)

Click to play in YouTube.

This game is so basic, yet so much fun. Not only is it one of the most enjoyable VR experiences on the Quest, but it’s also gonna give you the cardio workout you need without going to the gym.

You are slicing colored blocks with glowing sabers a la Star Wars, while different music plays in the background. It seems easy at first, but once you get into Expert mode, you’ll feel like you are in an intense aerobics class. Each level brings new challenges, such as disappearing arrows (you hit blocks in the direction their arrows are displayed).

The game is a little more complex on desktop VR platforms, but its port to the Oculus Quest, which doesn’t require wires, is still a winner.

Space Pirate Trainer ($14.99)

Click to play in YouTube.

Have you ever wondered what a VR version of the 1980′s classing Galaga would be like? In the world of Space Pirate Trainer, you are on a planet fighting all kinds of aliens. You have different ways to shoot, and you can also use a shield to block yourself from bullets just by flipping your left arm back.

Just like the old-time space games, the aliens come in different waves. The first five waves are pretty easy. But if you make it to the 10th wave, you’ll be extremely exhausted. Space Pirate Trainer has been a VR favorite for years.

Vader Immortal: A Star Wars VR Series – Episode 1 ($9.99)

Click to play in YouTube.

Whether you are a Star Wars fan or not (and there are not many who fit into the “not” category), this VR experience will blow you away. It’s not an “exercise” type of app, but it really helps you escape into another world. In Vader Immortal, you play a smuggler dragged out of hyperspace as you are captured by the Empire.

There are several different scenes, which include “meeting” Darth Vader, fighting enemies with a saber, and even climbing up stairs. It’s the type of experience you never want to end. If you are going to demonstrate the capabilities of the Oculus Quest to someone who is not familiar with VR, Vader Immortal is a good start.

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Initial Thoughts On Dell XPS 13 2-in-1 And The Case For Low-Travel Keyboards

Dell XPS 13 2-in-1 Keyboard

I have been testing out the Dell XPS 13 2-In-1 (late 2019, 4K, i7 processor), and I’m shocked on how much I like it. The last version of this 13-inch laptop was rather underwhelming, especially with its lethargic mobile processor.

The 2018 XPS 15 2-in-1 had an improved processor, and was a generally good device. But the screen was a little washed out, just like it was on early-2019 Dell XPS 13. But Dell has heard from its customers and has built was is perhaps the best laptop under 15-inches on the market today. Of course, I need to use the device more and will have a full review soon.

Besides the super LED panel with an incredible contrast ratio, the one aspect of the laptop that surprises me the most is the MagLev keyboard, which is the best I’ve used on a laptop to date. While there’s not much travel, there is a lot of comfortable crunch, and many claim they can type better on this than they can on a regular keyboard.

In order to make laptops more portable, laptop makers have experimented with making keyboards with shorter keys. Most notably, Apple started making its laptops with the infamous Butterfly keyboard, but there were some definite quality control issues. Apple improved the Butterfly keyboard throughout the next couple of years, but there were still many unsatisfied customers. I warmed to the Butterfly keyboard by the time Apple released the 13-inch MacBook Pro in 2018.

Apple's new Magic keyboard is nearly perfect.

Apple drastically improved the keyboard starting with the late-2019 16-inch MacBook Pro, which uses a more comfortable scissor-switch technology. The travel is still low, but it doesn’t matter because the press feels solid and comfortable. Dell takes its cues from Apple for their new MagLev keyboard, but makes it even better.

I believe Apple and Dell have set the standard for future keyboards. Within the next three years, regular keyboards will become obsolete, and keyboards that resemble those of the MacBook Pro 16 and the Dell XPS 13 will become a lot more mainstream. This way, companies can make devices even more portable than they are right now.

It has been quite interesting going back to use the Surface Pro Type Cover keyboard, one that has been my favorite for years. Now, typing feels like more of a task on the Pro keyboard. The snappy sound the Dell keyboard makes is worth the new format. The only time the keyboard will be annoying is if you are typing right next to someone who is trying to go to sleep.

The days of regular keyboard are over, even for desktop computers. Both Apple and Dell have set the typing standards for the future.

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Microsoft Surface Pro 7 Is Still Best Laptop-Tablet Combo

Microsoft Surface Pro 7

The version of the Surface Pro 7 being reviewed here has an Intel Core i7 processor, 16GB RAM, and a 256GB SSD. It’s on sale for $1299, but that doesn’t include a Type Cover or Surface Pen.

Yes, I know — the Surface Pro 7 came out last fall. But I didn’t have any interest given that it was virtually the same as the Surface Pro 6 with a USB-C port (finally) added. However, after using the Surface Pro 7 for the past week, I realize there is a a lot more to it on the inside.

Microsoft hasn’t changed the design one bit from the late-2018 version. The bigger-than-usual bezels were a little bit dated one year ago, but are completely unnecessary now. In fact, I would say that the (relatively) large bezel design is the most annoying thing about the Surface Pro 7. The screen itself is crisp, clear, and customizable.

I wish Microsoft would have given the new Surface Pro the same design as the Surface Pro X. Given the praise for that design, it’s reasonable to believe that the next Surface Pro will have a larger screen with shorter bezels. It is believed by some that compatibility with the Type Cover is one reason why Microsoft continues the outdated design.

With the exception of an added USB-C port, the Surface Pro 7 looks exactly like the Surface Pro 6.

Even though the design might be outdated, the actual performance isn’t. The 10th generation i7 processor, clocked at average of 1.3 to 1.5GHz (3.9GHz turbo boost when needed), really moves things along smoothly. And it does so without sacrificing battery life.

Some sites have initially claimed that the battery life has decreased from the previous version, but I have been able to consistently get 8 hours as a power user. That’s about how much I got on the Surface Pro 6 with the 9th generation i7 CPU. Most people will not need to pack the charger every single day they go to work.

The Surface Pro 7 has a significant processor upgrade.

The Surface Pen ($99 extra) operates with more precision than ever on the Surface Pro 7, especially when taking notes in apps like OneNote. The updated processor helps the inking appearance appear more natural. The Surface Pen is almost as good as the Apple Pencil. If the Surface Pro 7 offered a 120Hz screen refresh rate like the iPad Pro does, the inking experience would be just as good.

The USB-C port is the most significant addition to the Surface Pro 6, and one can say it’s better late than never. Unfortunately, the port isn’t Thunderbolt 3 compatible for faster data transfer speeds and the ability to connect to two different 4K monitors. However, it is very doubtful that most Surface Pro buyers care much about that.

Despite some minor flaws, the Surface Pro 7 is still the best laptop-tablet combo device you can buy right now. It’s not perfect as a laptop, and it’s not perfect as a tablet. But it offers more versatility than any other computer on the market.

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Full Review: iPad Pro 2020 Is No Computer Replacement But Stands Out On Its Own

The iPad Pro 2020 is a top-notch tablet.

The version of the 2020 iPad Pro that is being reviewed for this article is the one with an 11-inch screen, 128GB storage, and LTE service through Verizon. 

I’ve been using the iPad Pro 2020 constantly for almost two weeks, and it’s going to be hard to send the device back. Usually, I don’t miss the devices I review too much, but the iPad Pro 2020 is a complete gem. I’m just not sure Apple could call it a computer replacement yet.

That Screen…

I was hoping that Apple would put an OLED screen on the new iPad, but after seeing how the OLED screen on the 13.3-inch HP Spectre x360 was too much, I am glad that Apple stuck with their TrueTone LCD screen, which is absolutely gorgeous.

I like that Apple continues to reduce the bezel space around the screen, although it’s more easily to mistakenly touch the screen. It’s the best screen available on any device. It could have been beaten by the new MacBook Pro, but the iPad Pro has the advantage with the 120Hz refresh rate.

The iPad Pro 2020 has a crisp and smooth screen.

That Processor…

The iPad Pro 2020 runs the A12Z Bionic processor. Some claim that is is nearly identical to the 2018 iPad Pro’s A12X Bionic processor. However, when working with apps such as Photoshop and Affinity Photo, I’ve noticed a significant improvement in speed.

The great thing about Apple’s processor is that it is as powerful as a laptop processor. If the iPad Pro ran macOS, it would be the ultimate computer (more on that in a little bit).

Those Speakers…

How does Apple do it? The four speakers produce high-quality sound that can easily fill up a space, and maybe even a (very small) room. There’s a lot of feel-good bass, and even at top levels, the sound has no distortion.

Apple really is king when it comes to sound. The MacBook Air, MacBook Pro (both 13 and 15-inch versions), iPhone, and iPad Pro produce the type of sound that other brands, including HP and Dell, have been trying to top.

Battery Life

I’ve noticed a slight decrease in battery life in the new iPad Pro. Where constant streaming on the 2018 iPad Pro gave me 10 hours of battery life (with brightness set at 75 percent), the 2020 iPad Pro gives me about 8.5 hours. It’s not a huge difference, and most people can rely on using their iPad without needing the charger all day.

The new iPad Pro has an updated camera.

 iOS 13.4

Thanks to iPadOS 13.4, the iPad is closer to being a computer replacement than it has ever been. Now, users have Bluetooth or USB-C mouse and trackpad support. This is something that users have been wanting a very long time. The trackpad icon is round rather than being a cursor, and it feels a little bit different. However…

Still Not a Computer or Laptop Replacement

You can definitely do most tasks on the iPad that you can on a computer. However, it will take longer and you will have to change the way you work. Overall, the iPad Pro 2020 is still more of a content consumption device than a creative one.

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