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I am usually pretty good at predicting whether or not a tech product will succeed or not. I predicted the iPhone would be huge. I also predicted the iPad would be huge, even though people said running a mobile operating system may not be sufficient for its success. However, it’s hard to predict if the iPad Pro will be a huge hit or a huge flop. It definitely won’t be anything in between.

The iPad Pro has a 12.9-inch screen and one can buy an optional keyboard or an Apple Pencil. Many who have seen the iPad Pro say it looks absolutely gorgeous. However, many also believe that the iPad Pro will not replace any laptop, like the recent Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book can do. No matter how beautiful it looks, the iPad Pro still runs iOS. Yes, that’s the same operating system your iPhone runs.

No matter how good the iPad Pro looks, it still runs a mobile operating system.

While iOS has some great apps, they are great mobile apps. You can’t run a full version of Photoshop in iOS like you can on the MacBook Pro or even the MacBook Air. You can’t run a full version of Final Cut Pro like you can with Apple’s notebooks. You can’t even run a full version of Microsoft Word in iOS, although the mobile version is pretty close to the desktop version. Why would you want to spend at least $799 on a device (the price goes up over $1000 when you add storage and cellular capabilities)?

Then again, perhaps most consumers aren’t like me; they don’t need to run Photoshop, Final Cut Pro, and even Adobe Illustrator. They need a device where they can do basic word processing and medium-level photo editing, which the iPad Pro does offer. They may be an artist and it has been said that the iPad Pro makes a great sketch pad. The device has four speakers to make it a multimedia powerhouse.

It’s just baffling that Apple hasn’t yet created a tablet that runs OS X, even after proof that consumers want a desktop operating system on a tablet (see Windows on Surface Pro). Yes, Apple was able to get away with putting a mobile operating system on a tablet in 2010, because tablets didn’t have even a quarter of the power they have now. But this is the year 2015 and — perhaps — Apple needs to get with the times.

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