What Is Happening With Samsung?

Samsung is getting ready to release what seems like the smartphone of the century, the Galaxy S6. Everything about the Galaxy S6 seems like it would blow every smartphone out of the water. During the fourth quarter of 2014, Samsung released what many consider the best smartphone on the market, the Galaxy Note 4. However, the Korean company is losing profits and Apple is eating away at their market share.

Kim Seok-pil, who Samsung recently hired to head the marketing for their mobile division, abruptly resigned this week. He was supposed to help introduce the Galaxy S6 next month. One source told BGR that he resigned because of health reasons, but that cannot be confirmed.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4

It’s obvious that Samsung isn’t having a hard time creating great products; instead, they are having a difficult time marketing those great products. The Galaxy Note 4 far outshines the iPhone 6 Plus in many aspects, but the average consumer doesn’t know that. Even more mysterious is that public’s lack of knowledge regarding the (mostly) amazing Samsung Gear VR virtual reality headset. Everybody who is shown this device is blown away. It’s not really a bad thing that it can only be used with Galaxy Note 4; theoretically, that should push sales of the Samsung phablet.

Why is Apple taking away Samsung customers? Is the iPhone 6 really that much better than the Galaxy S5? Is the iPhone 6 Plus really that much better than the Galaxy Note 4? It’s possible that Apple had the potential to take away Samsung customers three years ago, but decided not to release a smartphone with a 4.7-inch screen until 2014. Let’s face it: When you mention the name “Apple,” people look around and stare. You may get a head or two to turn when mentioning “Samsung.”

Samsung needs to hire a new marketing boss who understands that attention spans are short and that Samsung needs to let customers know why their products are different than Apple’s. Many would argue Samsung products are better, but that won’t help Samsung gain back their smartphone market share. Even though the Gear VR is considered a developer’s edition, Samsung needs to make consumers more aware of its potential. It’s hard to believe that a company that launched such a clever marketing campaign for the Galaxy S3 back in 2012 has fallen so far behind. Let’s hope things change soon.

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