Used Cell Phones – A Better Use

There are some interesting facts to be known about used cell phones. It is important to know that according to the results of a survey one in every 5 people upgrade their cell phone. That’s a lot of upgraded phones! What happens to the old cell phones? Any idea?

They are thrown into the trash which increases waste for our toxic landfill sites, or they are dumped in a closet or drawer waiting for the day to be taken out to use again, which never happens.

Is there a better use for these old used cell phones? Yes, there is.

Sell them for cash

You can sell these phones for cash. Instead of allowing them to gather dust you can make money out of them. This will give you some satisfaction of not letting your money that was spend on these phones go down the drain.

A lot of people are now buying second hand cell phones instead of new ones for a number of reasons. Some can’t afford new ones and hence nest on the used ones. Others think it a waste to upgrade their phones too frequently. As new versions of cell phones are readily available, people prefer using them.

Donate your cell phone

Money is not the only thing that can buy happiness. Doing a good deed will give just as much happiness, maybe more. You can earn such happiness by donating your old discarded phones to charities. Any one in these charities will be more than happy to receive a used cell phone. Some charities specifically ask for second hand phones for various charitable purposes.

Still others buy such phones to raise money to be used in fund-raising activities. Alternatively you could sell your old phones yourself and give the proceeds to your favorite charity.


Cell phone recycling companies are always on the lookout for sellers of used cell phones. They pay good money for old phones that any one is ready to sell. Even if your phone is damaged and not functioning properly these companies are more than happy to buy them. Some of them refurbish and sell them on, while others recycle them by removing the toxic parts and making use of the essential components. You can earn money from broken phones too. What’s better than that?

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