Three Days With The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

I received the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge in the mail on Monday. I was working all day, so I had to wait until 6 p.m. to pick up the new smartphone. It was hard to get through the day! But I was able to spend the whole evening and more with Samsung’s masterpiece.

Will it become my main smartphone? Will I end up returning it (like I do with a lot of phones)? The honeymoon period hasn’t worn off yet like it has with so many devices I first loved and then rejected (see my article about the Sennheiser Momentum Wireless headphones). However, as it stands right now, the Galaxy S6 Edge is, for the most part, a winner.

The most significant thing to be said about the Galaxy S6 Edge is that it’s hard to let go of. The design is the best that’s ever been on a smartphone. Holding it gives you such a soothing feeling and makes you feel like you are holding a bar of gold. You have to handle this thing to understand that.

Here is a picture of the new Surface 3 taken with the Galaxy S6 Edge camera.

The second most significant thing about the Galaxy S6 Edge is the camera, which is simply amazing for both photos and videos. The photos and videos the S6 Edge takes in low-light situations are mind boggling. They feel naturally lightened up. The optical image stabilization works very well — much better than it does on the iPhone. Even though the Galaxy S6 doesn’t offer digital image stabilization when you take 4K resolution videos, the optical stabilization keeps things steady.

Then, there is the screen. I thought the screen on the Galaxy Note 4 was a beauty, but the Galaxy S6 Edge’s screen just outdoes anything I have ever seen. The “edge” design on both sides is more of a gimmick than anything else, but at least it’s a beautiful gimmick. Unlike Samsung’s earlier smartphones, the screen is viewable during daytime (I was able to see things perfectly at a beach in Santa Monica) and the 577-dots-per-inch screen shows high resolution images like you’ve never seen before.

There is one problem: It’s difficult to find a good screen protector for the Galaxy S6 Edge, especially since the screen curves. I tried two different brands out at the T-Mobile store and they had to give me my money back both times. The screen covers I tried were supposedly made for the Galaxy S6 Edge (not the Galaxy S6), but they couldn’t properly cover the edges. I will try other ones when the Galaxy S6 Edge (along with the Galaxy S6)  officially arrives in stores tomorrow. Check back in a couple days for more observations on the Galaxy S6 Edge.

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