Hands On With Samsung Galaxy S10+

Samsung Galaxy S10+

There are four new Galaxy S10 devices: the Galaxy S10e (affordable version), the Galaxy S10, the Galaxy S10+ (the flagship model), and the Galaxy S10 5G (only available on Verizon this June). The one I am most interested in (at least for now) is the Galaxy S10+, and I was lucky enough to have some playtime with it today.

Samsung’s new smartphone looks smaller than it should be (screen is 6.4-inches), and is a gorgeous device. Here are some of my other impressions until I am able to post a full review.

  • That screen! What a beauty. When looking at the device, it feels like you are looking at a screen with nothing attached to it since the bezels are so small.
  • Speaking of the bezels, I was worried that because they are barely there, I would accidentally keep touching the screen. It never happened once while using it.
  • The stereo sound on the speakers is good, but a little tinny. It’s not full of life like the stereo speakers on the iPhone XS Max.
  • The S10+ doesn’t look any different from the Galaxy S10 — just a little bit larger.
  • The two hole-punched cameras in the front look weird. But they are not invasive. As a matter of fact, the more I used the device, the less I noticed the cameras.

The Samsung Galaxy S10+ has a triple-lens rear camera.

  • Finally — a triple lens camera on the rear. Samsung was supposed to include this with the Galaxy Note 9, but it never happened. Unfortunately, I didn’t have enough time to test out the camera quality.
  • The new in-display ultrasonic fingerprint scanner is very futuristic and appears to work well, though I didn’t get to test it with my own fingers. (The store employee set it up with his and it worked very well each time.)

Samsung's new phone is powerful enough for some great games.

  • It’s hard to measure the performance of a smartphone in 10 minutes, but everything was smooth and fast. However, I couldn’t notice a difference between the S10+ and S9+ performance.
  • Hasn’t Samsung given up on Bixby yet? It’s totally useless.
  • The Galaxy S10+ runs Android 9 (Pie). I still wish there was a Samsung phone that ran iOS — it’s still a better and more user-friendly operating system. Of course, we know a Samsung phone with Apple’s mobile operating system will never exist.
The Galaxy S10+ appears to be a decent upgrade. But is it an absolutely necessary upgrade if you already own the Galaxy S9 or S9+? I would have to say it depends on what you use the phone for. If you like taking selfies (the lens allows wide-angle selfies) and high-quality pictures, it’s definitely worth the upgrade.

However, if you mostly use your phone for text messaging, web surfing, and phone calls, you won’t find much more value. Then again, if you mostly use your phone for these three purposes, perhaps you should aim for the Galaxy S10e instead. 

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