Microsoft’s Surface Pro X Arrives With Nasty Reviews

Critics unanimously pan the Surface Pro X.

Well, perhaps it was too good to be true after all. I recently wrote how the Surface Pro X looked cutting edge and even posted pictures of it. I played with the device for a little bit, and didn’t see any major hiccups. That’s because I didn’t test the programs that mattered. But others have used the Pro X more thoroughly.

Christopher Null of Wired calls the Surface Pro X unreliable.

“After several days of working with the Surface Pro X, I remained confused as to why the product existsOK, so compatibility is poor, performance isn’t great, and battery life doesn’t measure up, either.”

Ouch! The review from The Verge isn’t much better, referring to Microsoft’s new tablet as a “heartbreaker.”

“The ideas are exciting, but not exciting enough for me to recommend anybody pay money for them. The apps simply aren’t ready yet — either because they don’t work with this processor or because they’re too slow on it.”

The Surface Pro X runs on a slow mobile ARM processor.

Columnist Dieter Bohn notes that the product looks beautiful. However, people need to use a computer, not look at it.

Tom’s Hardware praises the Surface Pro X for its gorgeous design, easy replaceable screen, and bright 3:2 display. However, like others, the site criticizes the serious app compatibility issues, the lack of headphone jack, the price, and the mediocre performance.

Some may say that the critics are biased, but Reddit user U/Property, who actually bought the Surface Pro X, isn’t very impressed.

“As hard as I try I just can’t like this thing. About the only good thing I can say about it is that it looks good in pictures and it feels nice in the hand. Basically, it makes a nice decorative object. But as a computer – for me – it is totally useless,” the buyer says, adding that the Pro X may work for a person who does all their work on the internet and only uses Microsoft Office.

Click to play in YouTube.

After all these reviews, is the concept of the Surface Pro X dead? Not really. Perhaps the device is just way ahead of its time, and compatibility with Windows 10 ARM devices will be greatly improved. But for now, anybody who is thinking of purchasing a Surface Pro X may want to look at the Surface Pro 7 instead.

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