The Dell XPS 13, The World’s Greatest Laptop, Will Turn Into A Convertable

Dell's groundbreaking XPS 13 is taking one step ahead.

I have been using the Dell XPS 13 as my main laptop for most of 2016. It took the place of my 2012 MacBook Pro Retina. It also won after I tried Windows laptops by Microsoft, HP, and Samsung that I either returned or sold on Craigslist. I still love the beautiful screen, the fact the device is so light, and the fact that despite purchasing the more powerful Intel i7 version with Intel Iris graphics, the battery life is really good.

Now, the Dell XPS 13 is about to get even better. PC Magazine has the news.

“Dell will introduce a convertible version of the XPS 13 with an edge-to-edge display in time for CES 2017, a Dell source tells PCMag.”

The article adds that unlike other convertibles on the market, the XPS 13 will feature Dell’s InfinityEdge display. That may not be such as good thing. The XPS 13′s display has practically no bezel, and while this is good in laptop mode, can you imagine accidentally touching the screen all the time when it is in tablet mode? Perhaps Dell will have a fix for this.

The new Dell XPS 13 will be shown at CES 2017.

Dell says the experience will be similar to using a smartphone. They did not say if the XPS 13 will be have a digitizer for pen input — this would definitely help Dell interfere with Surface Pro or Surface Book sales. However, a digitizer could have an affect on the screen quality, which is currently almost perfect. The only times I experienced any problems with the display have been when I was using it in direct sunlight. The screen on the Surface Pro, iPad Pro, and even the MacBook Pro survive a lot better under direct sunlight.

I’ve been a vocal fan of the Dell XPS 13, even though I have received emails from several people telling me that they wouldn’t purchase anything from Dell because their customer service is poor. Since the 2016 version of the XPS 13 works so well, I’ve barely had to use Dell’s customer service, but my two calls with them were very helpful.

Now that Dell and just about every other company is making a touchscreen laptop hybrid, one wonders if Apple will do the same. Apple would like to argue that the iPad Pro is that hybrid, but they would be completely wrong. Apple needs to put out a tablet that runs OS X, not iOS. Something tells me that Apple will follow in Dell, HP, and Microsoft’s footsteps and come out with such a device before the end of 2017.



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