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Microsoft’s Mixed Reality Platform Is 2017′s Biggest Tech Disappointment

You have to hand it to Microsoft, a company that has had (for the most part) a great year. 2017′s Surface Pro made Microsoft’s smaller laptop/tablet hybrid the device Microsoft has been trying to make since 2o13. Then, there’s the … Continue reading

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Hands On With Frustrating Samsung Odyssey Mixed Reality Headset

I was excited to try out the Samsung Odyssey Windows Mixed Reality Headset and spent a completely frustrating six hours using the headset with the Microsoft Surface Book 2, which has a NVIDIA GTX 1050 processor. It’s supposed to make … Continue reading

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My Experience With Windows Mixed Reality Platform And Acer Headset

On Friday, I was able to get a 10 minute test ride with Acer’s new Windows Mixed Reality Headset (retail price is $399) using Microsoft’s new “mixed reality” platform. I put this in quotes because it’s just virtual reality. Microsoft … Continue reading

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Microsoft New Mixed Reality Platform And Samsung’s New HMD Odyssey Headset Show Potential

This blog has gone over the fact that virtual reality appears to be stalling. The Oculus Rift didn’t make VR mainstream, and neither did the HTC Vive. Have you heard anybody talking about Sony’s PlayStation VR in a while? The … Continue reading

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