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The iPhone 7 Plus Camera Shows How Far Smartphone Cameras Have Come

In 2002, cameras began to appear on cell phones, even though smartphones (such as the Pocket PC and Treo phones) just started to come out. However, in 2003, Hitachi released the first mainstream smartphone in the US to have a … Continue reading

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Technology Flashback: Samsung Galaxy S (2010)

Samsung’s Galaxy S series really didn’t become a huge hit until the Galaxy S3 was released in 2012. However, when Samsung released the first Galaxy S in early 2010, it was obvious that they were on to something unique in … Continue reading

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Technology Flashback: The Flip Video Camera

In the late 2000′s, video cameras were still not popular on smartphones. At least not good ones. In 2009, the iPhone 3Gs could finally take DVD quality videos, but people were looking for more. That’s were the Flip video camera … Continue reading

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