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The Slow And Wrongful Death Of “Stereo”

Remember the old days (in this case, just 10 years ago) when having a stereo speaker system that supplemented your furniture was popular? Remember how great it felt to play a CD and hear a distinction between sound that was … Continue reading

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Libratone ZIPP Portable WiFi + Bluetooth Wireless Speaker Is Tempting

On Wednesday, I met one of my tech savvy friends who I have conversed with through social media for the past two years. It’s interesting when an internet friend actually becomes a real face in front of you (in a … Continue reading

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Apple’s New HomePod Sounds REALLY Good

The HomePod has its share of mixed reviews. The problem seems to be with Siri, which allegedly works just over half the time on the HomePod. That said, this is just about the best sounding device I have ever heard. … Continue reading

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