The Surface Go 2 Looks Exciting, But Is It Too Expensive?

The Microsoft Surface Go 2 goes on sale May 12.

This column called the original Surface Go a groundbreaking device when it first came out. It was basically a smaller version of the Surface Pro but with a low-powered processor (Intel Pentium Gold), and HUGE bezels around the screen. It wasn’t a huge hit, but it did well enough for Microsoft to introduce an upgraded Surface Go 2.

The base model, at $399, still has the Pentium Gold processor. However, higher-end models will have a Core m3 option, which will help the device do better when it comes to editing photos or even small video clips. Microsoft says the performance on the Surface Go 2 with the m3 processor will improve productivity by 64 percent.

There aren’t many reviews out yet. However, CNET definitely seems impressed.

The new Surface Go 2 has a slightly larger screen than original 2018 version.

“The Surface Go 2 will be available starting May 12, from $399. The portability isn’t the world’s biggest selling point right now, but the low price (even with the sold-separately accessories) certainly is, especially for a well-built machine with high production values,” notes author Dan Ackerman, who adds that Microsoft’s new tablet is the perfect post-quarantine computer to take to parks and other places.

If I were to buy this, the configuration with the Intel Core m3 processor, Wi-Fi, 8GB of RAM, and LTE for $693.49 would be my choice. It sounds like a good price until you realize that it doesn’t include a keyboard (Optional Type Cover costs $100) or a digital pen (at least $100). That comes to almost $900 for a lower-powered (but admittedly slick) computer. To be fair, most will go for the Non-LTE high-end configuration that will cost $800 with all the goodies.

The Surface Go 2 can be used as a tablet.

Those who want to use the tablet with a digital pen may want to be careful. Inking on the original Surface Go was often unresponsive with a lot of lag. Let’s hope Microsoft has improved the inking experience like they did with the Surface Pro 6 in 2018. A lot of people use their Surface device as a digital notepad.

Some wonder if just buying a Surface Pro 7 ( only $200 more with better configurations) would be a better buy. It certainly sounds like that’s possible. But let’s not judge until we test out the new Surface Go 2. Hopefully, this column will have a first-impressions review next week.

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