Should You Buy Apple’s New Wireless Earbuds?

Apple has just released their new AirPods.

There has been a lot of talk about Apple’s AirPods, the Cupertino company’s first set of wireless earbuds that just became available. The product has been delayed the past couple of months, and judging by some reviews, the wait might have been worth it.

“That’s right folks, these Bluetooth wireless earbuds require no button pushing or connection with the physical world. They are simply magical. Many wizards worked tirelessly on either the optical sensor and motion accelerometer technology or the marketing campaign. The lines are blurred. Magic does that,” says Curtis Silver of Forbes.

PC Magazine says the AirPods have a clear audio performance, and they seamlessly pair with multiple iOS devices on the same iCloud account. They also like that the carrying case doubles as a backup battery. It sounds like Apple has — once again — turned what other companies have failed at into a success.

The AirPods aren't guaranteed to be successful.

However, it may be a little to call Apple’s new product a success. For one thing, even the sources that have praised the AirPods admit that they don’t have world-class sound. The AirPods have about the same sound quality as the regular Earpods, which is good if you are used to those. However, if you are going from wearing wireless headsets such as the Bose QC35 or the Sony MDR-1000X to using the new AirPods, you will certainly be disappointed.

Then again, the AirPods set is a different product than the big Bluetooth wireless headphones that fit over your head. After all, these things — with the charging case — actually fit into your pocket with ease. But aren’t the AirPods easy to lose?

A couple days back, CNET wrote a sarcastic article titled, “Apple AirPods available today for  you to lose tomorrow.” According to Mashable, Cook explained why the AirPods won’t slip out of your ears.

“I’ve been wearing them [AirPods] for a while. And because they don’t have wires on them… The wires tend to help the earbud to fall out, because it applies weight on those. By snipping the wires, I have never personally had one [AirPod] fall out.”

I am really excited to review the AirPods, but have no interest in buying them whatsoever. The most important thing to me is sound, and it’s obvious Apple’s new earbuds can’t deliver bass-thumping sound. But I think Apple is going in the right direction, and — perhaps — the next generation AirPods will provide more battery life and better sound with more bass.

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