Samsung’s Galaxy Fold Announcement Sparks Mixed Reaction

Samsung Galaxy Fold -- folded (left) and extended (right)

Samsung’s Galaxy Fold was announced along with the new Samsung Galaxy S series, and although there is excitement, there is also a lot of skepticism.

TechRadar notes that even though the Galaxy Fold seems cool, it doesn’t make sense as a consumer device yet.

“The foldable Galaxy Fold phone-tablet hybrid is Samsung’s Google Glass: an exciting technical showcase that is hitting the market far too soon and risks souring everyone on the entire nascent category.”

Ouch! Anybody who remembers the Google Glass knows what they are talking about. The article predicts the eventual letdown where people discover all the faults. And since this is a first-generation product, you can bet there will be a lot of faults.

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Even the Associated Press notes that analysts see the Fold as  a niche device. One analyst, Patrick Moorhead, says the Fold is a “super premium” niche product that will only sell out among a “limited crowd.”

Still, the Galaxy Fold, a wallet-like smartphone with a 4.6-inch screen that morphs into a mini tablet with a 7.3-inch screen, still has its early fans. Jessica Dolcourt of CNET says the hybrid device is “the most exciting phone we’ve seen in years.”

“The Galaxy Fold feels like a moonshot, and that’s Samsung’s masterstroke here,” Dolcourt says, adding that even if the Fold falls short of the hype, Samsung has successfully grabbed everybody’s attention. She believes it’s definitely not a gimmick.

Business Insider is also impressed with Samsung’s foldable smartphone. Author Ben Glibert notes that not only is the transition from smartphone to tablet seamless, but he likes that the fingerprint scanner is located in a place where it’s easily accessible when in regular smartphone mode or folded out to a tablet.

The Samsung Galaxy Fold is great for multitasking.

Some people were worried about the battery life, but as Gilbert notes, there are two batteries on the Galaxy Fold that should get most users through at least one day of normal use. And the Fold also appears to be a multitasking champion.

Perhaps people need to realize that although the new Galaxy Fold is bound to cause complaints, so did the first iPhone, the first Galaxy S, the first iPad, etc. The foldable smartphone could become a mainstream thing within the next couple years. But the kinks that need to be worked out will be plentiful.

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