Samsung Will Release Galaxy Buds+ Along With Galaxy S20 Series

Samsung's new Galaxy Buds+ won't look different from 2019 originals.

The Galaxy S20 series isn’t the only thing Samsung fans have to look forward to. Samsung is set to release an updated version of the Galaxy Buds, which this column gave a scathing review to last year.

“However, the biggest problem with the Galaxy Buds is quality. I’ve been pairing them (and the pairing is simple) with the Galaxy S10+. Unfortunately, the sound quality is quite mediocre. There is some good bass — even more than there is on the AirPods. There is also a decent amount of treble,” I wrote, adding that there wasn’t much of a separation of the sound spectrum.

However, others disagreed, and Consumer Reports even thought the Galaxy Buds were better than the AirPods. (This was before the AirPods Pro were released.)

“The Samsung Galaxy Buds don’t just sound better than the AirPods, they’re among the best-scoring Bluetooth headphones Consumer Reports has ever tested. They’re a little cheaper, too.”

The Galaxy Buds  have sold well, and it looks like the Galaxy Buds+ could be a hit as well. According to SamMobile, the Galaxy Buds will have a larger battery and an improvement to overall sound quality. However, the Galaxy Buds+ will not have active noise cancellation.

This has disappointed a lot of people, especially since the AirPod Pros have noise cancelling. Apple follows Bose and Sony in delivering earbuds that have good sound, good noise cancellation and decent battery life. As Android Central claims, Samsung may have a reason for skipping out on this feature.

“Compared to their predecessor’s 58 mAh battery, the Buds+ will include a much larger 85 mAh power pack inside. While you might be forgiven for thinking Samsung’s engineers came to the number by simply flipping the digits on the Buds’ battery capacity, you’ll be pleased to know the change will enable you to use the Buds+ for up to 12 hours.”

The AirPods Pro, unlike the Galaxy Buds+, offer active noise cancellation

Noise cancellation takes up a lot of battery power, and this is the reason it has taken three years for noise cancellation in earbuds to become mainstream. It also interferes with the mic quality, but Apple proves to be an exception when it comes to that. Samsung is adding another mic for better phone quality. 2019′s Galaxy Buds definitely had poor mic quality.

It’s important to note that if you have a Samsung Galaxy device, the Galaxy Buds aren’t your only choice. The AirPods and AirPods Pro work well with Samsung Android devices. Earbuds from Sony and Bose also work well on Android smartphones. In other words, don’t let the behind-the-times Galaxy Buds+ prevent you from getting a Samsung device.

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