First Impressions: The Galaxy Z Fold 2 May Be The Real ‘Jesus Phone’

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2

In 2007, the first iPhone was sarcastically referred to as the “Jesus Phone” because so many of its features were so advanced from previous smartphones. Of course, the iPhone really didn’t take off until the 2008 version, the iPhone 3G.

But like the iPhone, the Galaxy Fold version is changing the conversation about smartphones. 2019′s Galaxy Fold had its issues, but 2020′s Galaxy Z Fold 2 looks to be a game changer. And I had a chance to test the new phone out for 10 minutes Wednesday. Here are my first impressions:

  • Wow!
  • The phone feels heavy, but it fits in your pocket and it feels solid in your hands.
  • The 6.2-inch front screen is very useful, although it has a very tall aspect ratio.
  • Once again, I can’t imagine getting any other version than the bronze Fold.
  • My biggest fear was that that the crease would be noticeably visible when opening up the phone. But it’s really not that bad, especially when you are looking at the screen straight on. The darker the colors on the screen, the more you see the hinge.

The crease when opening up the Z Fold 2 is not really an issue.

  • Going from single-screen mode to folded mode is snappy and fluid.
  • This feels like an iPad Mini, but even better.
  • The stereo speakers on this thing are quite good — almost as good as they are on an iPad Pro. However, the iPad Pro has four speakers, while the Z Fold 2 has two.
  • The inside screen looks beautiful but is covered with a screen protector that Samsung suggests you don’t take off. I was afraid I would scratch the screen with my fingernail.
  • The camera is good in low-light situations. However, the camera specs fail when compared to the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra.
  • The Z Fold 2 is a multitasking dream come true.
  • Hoping the next version of this is compatible with the S Pen.

You can actually operate the Z Fold 2 with one hand .

  • The 120Hz refresh rate works on the folded screen, not the front.
  • I would hate to drop this phone into the water — there is no waterproof rating.
I can hardly wait to do a full review of the Z Fold 2. For now, I can say that Samsung’s latest foldable smartphone has me more impressed than any smartphone I’ve seen in years. It wouldn’t surprise me if the Z Fold 2 becomes the “iPod” of smartphones, especially when the price is reduced.

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