Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2: The iPhone Of Its Time

Samsung has finally made the first solid foldable smartphone.

Yes, you may be gawking at the title of this article. After all, what could be more important (at least historically) to smartphones and technology than the iPhone. But I guarantee
you — the new Fold is the smartphone other companies will be “inspired” by. As a matter of fact, Apple has even ordered multiple folding screens from Samsung.

The first thing you’ll notice when taking it out of the excellent packaging is that the Galaxy Z Fold2 feels like a very expensive futuristic item, even if it also feels a little fragile. There is a reason all screens have a plastic screen cover on them that Samsung doesn’t want you to remove. That shouldn’t be a big deal since you should have a screen protector on any smartphone you buy.

The Z Fold2 has stylish packaging and detailed care instructions.

I’ve tried the Mystic Bronze version a a few weeks back, and the version I’m reviewing now is the Mystic Black. I can’t say if I prefer one or the other. But I can say, when you turn on the phone, you’ll be very impressed. You’ll look at the front screen and think that even though it may be a little too thin, it still looks beautiful. Then, when you unfold the phone to its full screen, you’ll be completely blown away.

I wish the aspect ratio could be a little less square, but this shape makes it a little better as a tablet. I also wish that the Z Fold2 had S Pen capabilities, but it would probably scratch the screen. Perhaps the biggest thing I wish for is that the software would match the hardware.

There are some Android optimized apps that are made for tablets: Gmail; YouTube; Samsung Internet; and some others. iOS has a lot more tablet-optimized apps. Then again, perhaps it’s not fair to compare the Fold2 to the iPad since Samsung’s device is in a league of its own.

Watching Netflix is a pleasure due to a great screen and lively stereo sound.

Speaking of being in its own league, the speaker system setup on the Fold2 is fantastic. There are only two speakers, but they can really fill a small space. You can feel some bass and the separation of the sound range is noticeable. The speakers on the Samsung’s new device are to tablets what the MacBook Pro 16 speakers are to notebooks.

It’s easy to forget that the new Fold is a phone also. And it works very well on Verizon’s network, although I haven’t been able to test out 5G yet. Unfortunately, due to Covid-19, most networks are far behind in rolling out their 5G networks, even though the hardware is far ahead.

Remember: The Z Fold2 is a tablet and a phone.

The new Fold also provides a great (but not fantastic) camera that’s similar to that of 2019′s Galaxy S10+. Unlike the 5x optical zoom camera on the Galaxy Note 20+, the Z Fold2 only has 2x optical zoom. All three lenses take 12MP pictures, and they look very nice. The low-light pictures are fantastic. Perhaps, the Z Fold3 will have Samsung’s flagship camera next year.

The Z Fold2 has a 4,500mAh battery that isn’t stellar but not bad either — especially for the powerful device it’s operating. I’ve been able to get six to seven hours of screen time, but the average user will easily be able to go a full day without charging.

You may not think you have $2,000 for a smartphone. But once you try the Fold2, you’ll find yourself working extra hours or contemplating different finance options so you can own this phone. Samsung has truly revitalized the smartphone industry with the Galaxy Z Fold2.

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