Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge: Three Weeks Later

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

I have been using Samsung’s flagship device, the Galaxy S6 Edge, for more than three weeks. Now that they honeymoon period is obviously over, it’s time to evaluate the smartphone without bias. I’ll first start with what I don’t like about the Galaxy S6 Edge.

For such a technology-forward company, Samsung apparently can’t make a phone that can double as a great music player. While most people will be satisfied with Galaxy S6 Edge’s music playing capabilities, audiophiles will not. No matter what music player you use for the Galaxy S6 Edge, the sound quality is absolutely sub-par, especially when compared with Apple devices.

I tried headphones from Bose, Beats and even Sony on Samsung’s new device. The music, especially when using Spotify, came out slightly distorted. This has been the case with Samsung products for years. However, they made a slight improvement with the Galaxy Note 4. This is my main disappointment with the Galaxy S6 Edge and the reason I can no longer use the smartphone as my primary device, no matter how beautiful it is.

Another complaint, although a minor one, is about the battery life. Compared to the iPhone 6 Plus, the Galaxy S6 Edge can lose power quickly. It still won’t stop most users from getting a full day’s use of the device. However, power users like myself may want to be sure to carry a charger around.

Even though the battery life on the Galaxy S6 Edge is somewhat of a disappointment, it’s important to note that the device charges faster than just about every smartphone ever made. In just a half hour, I was able to go from a 13 percent charge to a 64 percent charge: This is something you can never do on an iPhone.

The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge has a gorgeous screen.

So, what do I like about the phone the most? I would have to say I am still in awe of the screen quality. The 577 ppi screen is so lifelike and gorgeous. Viewing pictures on the Galaxy S6 Edge makes them come to life. The colors are a lot more accurate than they were on previous Galaxy S devices and the contrast ratio is incredible.

I am just as fascinated by the S6 Edge camera as I was three weeks ago. It really does replace a digital camera in most circumstances. The videos look absolutely amazing when shot in 4K mode and played back on a 4K television set. The camera alone makes the Galaxy S6 Edge worth the price (well, almost).

This week, I will receive the Gear VR for the Galaxy S6 Edge. Despite some shortcomings, the Galaxy S6 Edge really is the most advanced smartphone on the market.

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