Samsung Galaxy S II Review – The Phone of the Year Award 2011

Samsung Galaxy S II smartphone attracted masses ever since its launch in 2011. It also won the Phone of the Year award for 2011. This is one proud achievement given the competition in the smartphones industry in these days. Even after Samsung Galaxy S III is on the shelves, the used Galaxy S II still holds a nice value. That’s why we would like to bring you this post review of it.

Build and Design

Not like any of its predecessor, the Samsung Galaxy S II is pleasingly slim with a girth measuring 8.49mm. The phone is slightly curved at the bottom where the loudspeaker resides. Though the body is in plastic, but Samsung has it done so for good, and doesn’t loss point comparing with aluminum like one of those Nokia phones. The phone feels extremely light and the textured back cover never catches extreme heat.


The 4.3-inch Super AMOLED Plus display of Samsung Galaxy S2 really catches user’s eyes. The resolution of it is still WVGA but the sharpness is improved through conventional matrix. The wide viewing angles ensure good contrast and brightness level. The touch screen response time is so short. You won’t meet the problem of tapping keys over and over happened on some low end smartphones.

Software and User Interface

Samsung Galaxy S II runs Google Android 2.3.3 (Gingerbread) and Samsung’s own Touchwiz 4.0. The response from the phone is absolutely great. Everything runs nice and smooth no matter you switch between the seven home screens or add/remove gadgets.

Feature and Performance

Samsung Galaxy S II is packed with 1.2GHz Dual core ARM Cortex A9 processor and 1GB RAM. The processor and RAM provide a considerable amount of juice to handle the heaviest tasks.

The 8 mega-pixels camera is a major upgrade from its predecessor. Many fancy features are build in like face/smile detection, touch focus and image stabilization. Moreover, it is lot more better to take pictures with the LED flash available under some special conditions.

 The Verdict

Samsung Galaxy S II was one of the top-tier phones at its time and it remains a great device as it shows. Any Samsung Galaxy S II owner who is looking for a new generation of smartphone could trade it in online for a pretty good offer. You can trade yours in at here.

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