Samsung Galaxy Note 8: Some Disappointing News

Samsung promises the Galaxy Note 8 will be worth waiting for.

When Samsung’s Galaxy S8 and S8+ were released in April, the fingerprint reader was put on the rear–right next to the camera. This made it easy for people to smudge the camera with their fingers and was considered the only design flaw in what was an otherwise perfectly designed smartphone. It was rumored that Samsung just wasn’t able to perfect the under-the-screen technology in time for the release date.

People were relieved when it was revealed that the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 would have the revamped fingerprint reader they wanted. However, the most recent leaks appear to confirm that the Note 8′s fingerprint reader will be on the rear of the unit instead. Forbes has the news.

“Last week delivered a shock: arguably the Galaxy Note 8′s biggest headline feature will not make it into the final design. Now two new leaks have have confirmed this.”

The article adds that the distance between the camera (which will be a dual-lens one) and the fingerprint reader will be increased. This will certainly help quell fears about the smudge issue, but it still isn’t enough. Samsung had a long time to perfect this technology but have failed to do so. You would think this is good news for Apple, but the Cupertino company appears to be ditching the under-the-screen fingerprint reader as well.

The next iPhone may ditch the fingerprint ID for facial recognition.

“iPhone users may soon unlock their smartphones through facial recognition, with an Apple expert predicting that the technology giant would drop the ‘Touch ID’ fingerprint sensor in the upcoming iPhone 8,” reports the site Economic Times.

Like Samsung, it would be easy to call out Apple for their failed fingerprint reader, but that wouldn’t be completely thought out well. Apple ‘s facial recognition could outdo any fingerprint reader. Apple has a history of taking things other companies have failed at and making them work. Facial recognition technology has been a disaster for Windows 10 and Android devices, where your face is likely to get turned down too often, making you resort to entering a password. After all, Apple perfected the fingerprint scanner, which was buggy on all the devices before it finally appeared on the iPhone 5s.

According to the latest rumors, the Galaxy Note 8 may arrive in August like it did last year. However, it’s not so certain that Apple will hit the market with the iPhone 8 in time for their usual late-September release. Still, things are finally starting to get very interesting again in the smartphone world.

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