Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Replacement Is Just Fine Despite Negative Reports

Even though I returned the Galaxy Note 7 a couple weeks ago after the recall was announced, I decided to purchase it again as new Note 7 devices hit stores last week. The T-Mobile store I went to didn’t allow “new” purchases, but made an exception since I did actually own the phone right when it came out.

I have used the Note 7 extensively for the past few days, and I could not be more happy. My previous Note 7 did heat up a lot. Thankfully, it didn’t explode. Even after fast-charging my new Note 7, the unit was barely warm. However, there have been many reports — possibly over-exaggerated ones — about defective and overheating replacement Galaxy Note 7 devices. One is from the Telegraph.

“Samsung’s replacement Galaxy Note 7 phones have been overheating and suffering from battery problems, according to reports, fueling concerns that the fixed ‘exploding’ phones could still be unsafe.”

The updated Note 7 has a green battery indicator.

Judging by posts on Reddit and other sites where people who actually have the new Note 7 post, the reports about new “unsafe” devices are a total farce. Samsung is down right now, so the media wants to strike at them even more. At least Samsung took responsibility over their defective Note 7 devices. They didn’t act as quickly as some would have hoped, but they acted. The five other people at the T-Mobile store I was at (Burbank, California — Alameda St.) all said the same thing — they didn’t want a refund or a different phone since they loved the Galaxy Note 7.

I’m not denying that some replacement Note 7s can’t be defective. But how can anybody trust the reports when there have been several false reports of exploding Note 7s? At Techno Buffalo points out, there have been a couple dozen claims that just haven’t panned out. This isn’t the least bit surprising.

After getting back the Note 7 and using it more, it’s finally easy to concentrate on something else besides the unit heating up to the point where you can’t even hold it. The best part of the Note 7 is easily the S Pen. It is just so convenient to be able to write notes in your own handwriting without even having to turn the device on. The S Pen is fully compatible with Microsoft OneNote, and unlike the Galaxy Note 5, there is barely any lag when taking notes in the software with your own handwriting.

Even though I ended up liking the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus more than I thought I would (those stereo speakers are amazing!), I would still recommend the Galaxy Note 7 over any smartphone available today. Samsung’s new device is not only a great phone, it’s the best digital assistant you can ask for.

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