Samsung Galaxy Fold: A Big Failure?

Samsung Galaxy Fold -- folded (left) and extended (right)

The Samsung Galaxy Fold was supposed to be released late last week. However, as some predicted, quality control problems took over. CBS News explains why.

“Samsung is pushing back this week’s planned public launch of its highly anticipated, $2,000 folding phone after reports that some reviewers’ phones were breaking. The company had been planning to release the Galaxy Fold on Friday, but instead it will now run more tests and announce a new launch date in the coming weeks.”

The article adds that several journalists reported that the inside screens were flickering, freezing, and even dying on their test units within the first couple of days. When two reviewers removed a plastic screen cover layer, the screen scratched easily.

The Samsung Galaxy Fold is great for multitasking.

The site iFixit has an explanation for why many Galaxy Fold units aren’t working as promised.

“Traditional slab-style smartphones have their displays bonded to a Gorilla Glass panel, which is then glued onto the front of the phone for a water-tight seal. That doesn’t work for a foldable display that needs to bend and move, so the Galaxy Fold has a plastic display that rests on top of the phone and is held on only with a thin, plastic bezel that is glued along the edge.”

The Huawei Mate X is said to be better than the Samsung Galaxy Fold.

I’d say that I knew the Galaxy Fold was too good to be true, but I wasn’t even that impressed. The foldable phone that really impresses me is the Huawei Mate X. It’s thinner, has a nicer screen, and doesn’t look like it will fall apart when you pick it up. The 5G smartphone looks like it will be shipped in July  It was initially expected to be available earlier, but they are doing what Samsung didn’t — quality control.

In the meantime, as AnandTech points out, Samsung has delayed the Galaxy Fold. They will allegedly announce a new release date in the coming weeks, but it may be too late for a lot of people.

“We recently unveiled a completely new mobile category: a smartphone using multiple new technologies and materials to create a display that is flexible enough to fold. We are encouraged by the excitement around the Galaxy Fold. While many reviewers shared with us the vast potential they see, some also showed us how the device needs further improvements that could ensure the best possible user experience,” reads part of the press release.

Will the Samsung Galaxy Fold become the next Google Glass? Will the backlash against the Fold prevent other foldable smartphones from going mainstream. It’s really too soon to tell, but we’ll find out by the end of 2019.

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